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TCEA ANNOUNCES Brain-Based Learning Course

by Miguel Guhlin
Brain-Based Learning

TCEA offers a new course that demystifies new research regarding brain-based learning and incorporates scientists’ findings about the brain and how memories form. Let’s take a look at the benefits this course offers and how educators can participate and boost their knowledge of brain-based instruction.

The Basis of Brain-Based Learning

Research shows that the more learners take part in an activity, the more they are likely to form memories. The research supports the idea that humans connect memories to brain neuron links. The more connections are made, the more long-lasting the memory. TCEA.org provides access to a high-quality online course, Brain-Based Learning, which highlights this research.

TCEA’s courses allow for enrolled teachers to begin anytime. Moreover, they can go at their own speed to complete the course content. Teachers watch videos to get suggestions that guide them in designing research-informed lessons.

Become a Brain-Based Learning Designer

Karen Kahan, the primary course developer, designed the course with input from various sources. She included these elements in this online course:

  • How the brain works (includes new research)
  • How neurotransmitters impact learning
  • Using reflection to assist students

The course is a must-take for curriculum specialists, coaches, and classroom teachers.

Brain-Based Learning Course Modules

This course takes you through an introduction to the brain and the impact the brain has on learning. New brain research comes out regularly. The results of many of these research studies are highlighted in this course. Educators will gain strategies to apply what they have learned. Every action seeks to improve teachers’ classroom practices.

The course includes five modules which include the following:

  • Brain Basics
  • Chemicals in the Brain That Impact Learning
  • Facts and Myths About the Brain and Learning
  • Brain Research and Implications for Teaching
  • Easy Changes to Make That Embrace Brain Research

Educators can earn a digital badge and a digital certificate when they complete the course. Additionally, educators who complete the course earn 12 CPE hours upon course completion.

Course Prerequisites and Requirements

The purpose of this course is to expand teachers’ comfort zones. It also seeks to broaden knowledge of brain-based learning. There are no prerequisites, making this an introductory-level course for anyone working with students.

How to Sign Up

The course is available for $39 for individuals. For groups of 10 or more, it’s $34 per person. Contact Miguel Guhlin (mguhlin@tcea.org) for quotes for 10 or more people. Large groups can also pay with a TCEA Credit Card Authorization Form.

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