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Why the TCEA Convention & Exposition Is a Must-Attend Event

by Emily Horn

As an educator, one of my favorite things is good professional development. I remember attending a conference and learning the Text Talker strategy, which I used the very next day with my second graders. I quickly saw major gains in my students’ ability to gather text-based evidence, thanks to presenter Jen Jones! In my various roles as a gifted education teacher, tech integrator, and school principal, I can recall at least one workshop or conference that left me energized. Who doesn’t love walking away from PD with hands full of resources and ready to grow in their work? And at the TCEA Convention & Exposition, that’s the kind of experience you get.

Why I Love the TCEA Convention & Exposition

When I first attended TCEA’s Convention & Exposition, I remember thinking, “If I attended TCEA every year for the rest of my career, I could get meaningful professional learning no matter how my role changed over time.” It’s pretty incredible. It was more than impressive how TCEA was able to offer impactful learning for every possible role in education— all in one place! That said, here are a few reasons I’d encourage every educator to attend the 2024 TCEA Convention & Exposition.

1. Targeted learning for your role, interests, learning style, and goals. 

I know. I already mentioned that TCEA has something for every role in education, and it’s true. But don’t take my word for it! Let TCEA’s 800+ sessions speak for themselves. To the right of the search bar on the schedule page, you can:

Filter sessions by role:

Filter TCEA's Convention & Exposition sessions by these target audiences to find sessions targeted for your role.

Filter sessions by topics of interest:

Filter TCEA 2024 sessions by these topics to find sessions targeted for your interests.

Filter to get a recommended schedule based on your role or a primary topic of interest:

Filter TCEA's Convention & Exposition sessions by these recommended session lists to find sessions targeted to your interests, goals, and role.

Filter by format type based on how you learn best:

Filter TCEA 2024 sessions by these format types to find sessions targeted to your learning style preferences.

Additionally, this year, TCEA is offering three intensive role-based sessions exclusively for educators in librarian, instructional coaching, CTO, or similar roles! These are special 3-hour sessions that offer learning from experienced educators. They also provide the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others who are in your role!

2. Free microcredentials to show your expertise. 

TCEA 2024 Microrcedential Badges

Another new offering at the 2024 TCEA Convention & Exposition? Free microcredentials! This year, once you’ve expressed interest in a microcredential during the registration process and registered for TCEA 2024, you’ll receive an email to sign up for one of six options. Then, attend six hours of sessions off the suggested list for your microcredential at TCEA 2024. 

After TCEA 2024, submit a form self-reporting which sessions you attended, and get your microcredential badge by email! 

3. Relevant information for equipment planning and budget-saving purchasing decisions.

One of the most thrilling and impressive things about TCEA’s Convention and Exposition is the Exhibit Hall. I had honestly never seen anything like it. It’s brimming with technology tools and 450+ vendors buzzing about products and services. It’s a delightful experience perfect for testing new devices and tools and talking with vendors about your needs. If you’re required to plan for classroom, school, or district technology purchases, it gets you face-to-face with exhibitors. So, you gain valuable insights into services, costs, budget-friendly solutions, and more. Plus, the in-booth presentations and exhibitor showcases can be eye-opening, highlighting solutions you didn’t know existed!  

4. Power hours that are both inspiring and informative. 

TCEA 2024 will have Power Hours on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10-11:30 a.m. What I love about these is the balance between inspiration and information. Here’s what’s on this year’s lineup: 

  • Todd Nesloney will offer up practical strategies for building stronger relationships and school culture to transform campuses and increase student outcomes. 
  • Jorge Valenzuela will provide tools and strategies for guiding students to discover their passion and purpose by aligning their strengths, values, and interests with meaningful careers.
  • Leslie Fisher will showcase new, fun, and productive gadgets for home, school, and beyond! 

5. Continued learning with a free TCEA membership.

TCEA Memberships Laughing during a learning session

Registering for the TCEA Convention & Exposition provides more than just access to all the benefits of attending. You’ll also receive a forever-free, auto-renewing TCEA membership with your registration. This membership unlocks a wealth of helpful resources, including free weekly Lunch and Learn webinars, free ebooks on current topics in teaching and learning, access to the TCEA online Community for support and idea sharing, and the extensive TCEA Community PD Library archives. Your membership means you can continue your professional learning journey long after TCEA 2024 ends.

Bonus: Drum Cafe!

This year, TCEA 2024 has something special planned as an opening event for Saturday, February 3! To get everyone’s convention kicked off right, TCEA will host Drum Cafe for a special session led by professional speaker and drummer Dale Monnin. He’ll be speaking and leading the group in a powerful experience featuring the rhythm of TCEA attendees drumming in tandem. This experience will highlight the common language of music in finding alignment, celebrating success, and tackling challenges as a community of educators. No musical experience is necessary!

Have you been to TCEA’s Convention & Exposition before? Share what you love about it in the comments. Will you be attending TCEA 2024? Leave us a note to tell us your reasons for attending! We’d love to hear from you. Not registered? Not a problem. Register before January 13 to get $50 off a full registration badge!

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