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Announcing TCEA’s Python Educator Course

by Miguel Guhlin
TCEA Python Educator Course

Wish you could learn the most popular programming language in 2023? If your answer is, “Yes, and I wish I could teach it to my students in grades 5-12!” you are in for a treat. What is the most popular programming language? It is now Python. What’s more, the PopularitY of Programming Language Index (PYPL) ranks Python as high:

“Worldwide, Python is the most popular language. Python grew the most in the last five years.”

And, per the 2022 Octoverse report, the use of Python grew by more than twenty-two percent. It enjoys more than four million developers on GitHub. But, wait. You haven’t read the best part yet. Students in middle school are learning how to use Python. Why not prepare yourself and teach it?

Statistica Programming Language Chart showing Python as the number 1 programming language.
Chart Downloadable from Statista

Teachers Can Learn Python

Teachers now have access to a Python programming language course! The online, self-paced course is available through TCEA, a nonprofit education association. It’s mission? To advance “teaching and learning through the use of technology.”

Chart showing Python to be growing at a rapid rate compared to other programming languages.
Screenshot by Miguel Guhlin: StackOverflow | The Incredible Growth of Python

Participants in the Python Educator course get sample code and have the opportunity to work through hands-on projects. In the end, they learn and earn a certificate and digital badge.

Teaching Children to Use Python

The TCEA course developer, James Abela, serves as head of computing in an Apple Distinguished School in Kuala Lumpur. “We need to teach children skills that are useful,” says James Abela. You can use Python with popular STEM tools you may already use, such as the micro:bit.

Screenshot by Emily Horn | Microbit.org | The micro:bit Python Editor

Python Educator Course Details

This course teaches educators how to use Python tools and come up with exercises to use in the classroom. Educators who enroll in the course also get a free TCEA membership. Once completed, they receive the following:

  • 12 CPE credits
  • A digital badge
  • A digital certificate of completion

Course access lasts for one full year from the date of enrollment in the course. The course can be started at any point in the year and worked on in a self-paced manner.

Python Course Modules

The course includes five modules, shared below:

Module 1: Getting Started

Python is available on all devices from Chromebooks to iPads. Start by choosing the right development tools for you! Install these tools on your device or access Python development tools online, and make your very first program.

Module 2: Variables and Operators

A computer’s power is its ability to automate simple tasks. Start to harness some of that power via the use of variables and operators in Python.

Module 3: Selection

See the world as a computer sees it! Everything is a 1 or 0, true or false, yes or no. This is how every computer makes decisions. Learn to give the computer clear instructions to make effective selections.

Module 4: Iteration

Learn how to change your simple selections to speed through challenges with iteration. You will use loops that enable you to execute many instructions. This makes solving problems and performing calculations a quick task.

Module 5: Lists and the Random Function

Known for its data science and use of lists, Python enables you to organize and sort data. Learn how to use the random function to create simple games and data sets.

Now that you know what is in the course, let’s take a look at course prerequisites and who should take this course.

Course Prerequisites and Requirements

The purpose of this course is to provide foundational knowledge. The target audience is educators teaching grades 5-12 who want to start their Python learning journey. By the end of the course, you will have an excellent grounding in Python. You’ll also walk away with key computational concepts!

How to Sign Up

Although the course is available for $39 per person, a discounted price of $34 per person is possible if you sign up a group of 10 or more. Contact Miguel Guhlin (mguhlin@tcea.org) for pricing quotes for 10 or more people. Large groups can also pay via the TCEA Credit Card Authorization Form. Interested?

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