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TCEA MIE Podcast #1 – Doc-casting and More with Dr. Tom Grissom

by Miguel Guhlin

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Thank you for listening in on the TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator Podcast! This is the first in a series of  conversations with movers and shakers, educators blending Microsoft technologies into teaching, learning, and leading. My name is Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin) and I am your host for the TCEA MIE SkypeChat. You can find more information online in the notes for this show at www.tcea.org/blog, as well as here.

On May 26, 2016, Dr. Tom Grissom (@tomgrissom) took a few minutes out of his busy schedule preparing teachers at Eastern Illinois University. Tom serves Eastern Illinois as the Director of the Instructional Technology Center (ITC for short). If his voice sounds familiar, you may have heard him via the TechTalk4Teachers podcast. You can access his podcasts on a variety of topics online here.

I approached Tom about one of his presentations, Exploring Doc-casting. Now, if you’re not familiar with Docs.com, a relatively new service from Microsoft, which Tom points out is about a year old from the time I recorded this conversation in May, 2016, it is a great service that allows you to publish resources there. I encountered Docs.com purely by accident while trying to share resources with TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educators (TCEA MIE – http://ly.tcea.org/tceamie1) and was immediately impressed with its features. Consider Pip Cleaves, an educator who shares her perspective on Docs.com:

I work in a middle years school in Inner West Sydney that is running a successful BYOD program. I wanted a way to share a student diary with our student population of approximately 900 students. I didn’t want to share; rather, I wanted to deliver a stand-alone OneNote notebook to any platform.

Earlier, in 2015, I came across the wonderful Liberate Genius resources from Angela Maiers. I was keen to find out how she had delivered the stan- alone OneNote notebook in this resource section. Source: Pip Cleaves, Microsoft Blog

If you haven’t seen Angela’s Liberate Genius resources, you should definitely check them out. They stretch your mind about how to use tools like OneNote and Docs.com together. In our conversation, Tom and I explore some of the actual uses he has for Docs.com, OneNote.com, and Microsoft Sway.

Let’s go back in time to when Tom first began exploring Docs.com…


Thanks for listening in to this SkypeChat with Dr. Tom Grissom. I hope you will join us for TCEA MIE SkypeChat #2 featuring Marjolean Hoekstra, the voice behind @OneNoteC and OneNote Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP). Absolutely incredible information and ideas will be shared by Marjolean and I’m looking forward to chatting with her.

In the meantime, if you have some thoughts about how you and your students are using Microsoft Office 365 tools in your teaching/learning environment, I hope you will contact me via Skype at @tceamg or Twitter @mguhlin!

Docs.com Notes


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