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EasyBib EDU Is Here and It’s FREE!

by Lori Gracey

EasyBib is a wonderful and accurate citation generator and bibliography creator available for student use. There is a free website for the MLA style, along with both an Android and an iOS app. There’s even an EasyBib toolbar for Chrome.

So What’s New with EasyBib EDU?

In the past, full access to all of the citation styles and the ability to save content to individual student notebooks required a paid account. But now, EasyBib EDU is free for schools, continuing to give students access to all citation styles (including APA, Chicago, and the new MLA 8th edition coming this summer) and notebook features, while providing campuses the tools to manage those student accounts. EasyBib EDU is available with coupon code access, which you can sign up for here. Coupon codes will be distributed by August 5, 2016, for schools that sign up by July 29. Individual campuses must sign up; there is no district registration available.

What makes the tool really stand out is that schools can sign in with Google and use the current EasyBib Google app to provide a single sign on option for their students. The login with Google button will remain as a sign in option on EDU. Google integrations like the Paper link will also remain. Students can instantly export their content to Word or Google Docs and can share information among project groups using the “Public Folders” function. Over the next few months, the company will be rolling out new features like an updated notebook, annotation tool, and Google Docs add-on.

While this tool will not change the world, it can make the research process simpler for students. It is currently used by numerous universities and colleges, so getting your high school students familiar with it is a smart idea. And it will help to combat plagiarism, which is always a good thing.

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