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There’s something for everyone at TCEA 2022 with practically unlimited events and experiences. And each participant’s personality comes out in the way they tackle convention. You may be one attendee type or a combination of multiple. So…let’s discover what kind of convention attendee you are! Be proud of your individuality by sharing your attendee type with us on Twitter(#TCEA and #TCEA22) or in the comments.

The Newbie 

New attendees can be spotted every year, and we love our Newbies! You’ll know them when you see them. And when you do, give them your top tips to help them feel welcome and let them know you’ve been there, too. Newbies can also be found at the Attendee Services counter building their best personalized convention schedule. All our convention attendees are supportive and amazing educators happy to help our new attendees, and between the Meetups, exhibitor functions, sessions, and more, Newbies are sure to find some convention BFFs in no time.

The Coach 

The Coach is one you can lean on when attending a convention. They are a big support to the Newbie especially. The Coach has done their homework, knows where the best concessions are, can point you to those restrooms that don’t have a long line, and knows the top special events happening at convention. They are a dedicated volunteer here to help you, wearing the popular 2022 volunteer t-shirt. And they have connections with convention staff to find the answers to all your questions. You’ll also spot the Coach taking meticulous notes in sessions, sharing ideas with others, and cheering on peers excited about new tools, methods, and resources.

The Representative 

The Representative is at convention on a mission from their school or district and is sometimes with a team. They are challenged with the goal of gathering as many new ideas, strategies, and technology solutions as possible. And they aim to soak up all the learning to take back and share with their peers and colleagues. They typically set up daily meetings with their team to discuss what they’ve learned and create a game plan. Representatives plan strategically to hit as many sessions and exhibitors as possible to help meet their district and campus needs.

The Techy 

You can easily spot this attendee by the number of gadgets, dongles, and cables they brought to the event. They can also be identified by their excitement at learning about the latest in apps, robotics, and devices. They are on the hunt for cybersecurity or infrastructure solutions for their district or campus. You can often find the Techy at the Recharge Lounge powering up or in the exhibit hall exploring. And they’re often to be thanked for providing technical support for fellow attendees.

The Veteran

The Veteran has been attending convention for many years, and they’ve got it down. They have a bag, a badge, and a slew of ribbons for every convention. Convention is their natural habitat! They are happy, energized, and at ease in the convention environment. 

The Veteran is equipped with: 

  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Charged devices
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Yummy snacks
  • The TCEA 2022 mobile app 

Learn from the Veteran. Become the Veteran.

The Socializer 

For this educator, it’s all about learning through connection. Whether it’s a speaker, someone they follow on Twitter, an exhibitor, or an author whose book they have read, the Socializer wants to connect with as many people as possible. Find the Socializer on Twitter using #TCEA and #TCEA22 as they’ve started their own Twitter chat. They’ll likely also have a list of all the Twitter handles they’ve collected along the way. The Socializer may treat the meet up area as their office as new networkers arrive. They don’t hit their hotel room until late at night after attending every exhibitor function possible. Connect with the Socializer and become Twitter buddies or connect using the TCEA 2022 mobile app messaging!

The Gatherer

The Gatherer collects all the things they can find at convention. They can be spotted on the exhibit hall floor as they seek out their next classroom set of sticky notes, pens, and student trinkets. They are not shy in asking for the best giveaway, participating in an activity, or scanning their badge for goodies. The Gatherer seeks out the next door prize and finds the booth with the best food and beverage. They have participated in all the fun offered by exhibitors, all while learning something new. Ask the Gatherer about their favorite discoveries!

The Handout Hunter

The Handout Hunter is at the convention to gather all the resources and information they possibly can. They are all about digital loot: new Web 2.0 tools, Google extensions, iOS apps, Windows tips, formative assessments, lesson plans, and anything else contained in a handout. This attendee has been known to “session hop” because their greatest joy is collecting URLs, scanning poster session QR codes, and scurrying from session to session to grab the links containing those amazing handouts before moving on. You can find the Handout Hunter sharing their digital collection via Wakelet, Padlet, hyperdoc, or website just for TCEA 2022. They will also download as many session materials as they can from the TCEA 2022 mobile app.

Share with Us

No matter what type of convention attendee you are or your main objective for TCEA 2022, there’s sure to be something for you. Share your attendee type or combination of types with us on Twitter (#TCEA and #TCEA22) or in the comments. We look forward to seeing everyone at TCEA 2022, February 7-10 in Dallas, Texas. See you soon! 

This week is your last chance to get a discount on your registration and hotel room! Register by January 14 and be sure you don’t pay full price. 

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