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A Conference Built for System Administrators

by Andrew Roush
system administrators

When it comes to ed tech, system administrators and tech support professionals are at the center of everything. Frontline educators rely on their school or district’s tech admins to ensure the hardware, software, network, and other infrastructure they need is operational and up to date.

That’s why TCEA’s 2019 System Administrator and Technical Support Conference, October 24–25, is designed to meet the needs of sys admins and tech support. This event offers useful and practical information to individuals like you who provide technical support for PreK-16 educators. It’s not just an ed tech conference; it’s an ed tech conference for you.

Going In-Depth

Ready to geek out? We’ve created a comprehensive package of strands that covers the real-world problems system administrators are encountering while offering solutions they can use. Presenters go in-depth on the innovations, techniques, and tools you need to know. Our strands are targeted to meet your specific needs. Topics discussed will include:

  • BYOD Management
  • Chromebooks
  • Emerging Technologies
  • End User Technical Support
  • Google Apps for EDU Implementation
  • iOS Device Management
  • Network/Wireless Management
  • Security
  • Technology Management and Support
  • Windows

Get Connected

The 2019 Sys Admin conference is also designed to help you connect with your peers. Our attendees include, but aren’t limited to, chief technology officers (CTOs), data managers, information technologists, network engineers, technicians, administrators, tech directors, and more.

The interactive sessions you’ll attend are presented by industry-leading experts and will allow you to experience the very best resources and tools in hands-on ways. Want to see the latest from top vendors? We’ve got you covered there, too. And while you’re doing all that, you’ll be expanding your personal learning network and making connections that can benefit your school or district.

Curious to see how the 2019 SysAdmin conference can benefit you? Learn more and register here.

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