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ETC Is the Conference That Feels Like Summer

by Emily Horn

It’s the end of April, which means we are getting close to the end of the school year. This is that time of year when, if we’re being honest, everyone is counting down the days to summer. Professional development is probably the last thing on any teacher’s mind at this point in the year. But at TCEA, we’re counting the days (There are 48 to be exact.) to our Elementary Technology Conference (ETC). ETC is one of the events we all look forward to, and this year, it’s back in person. So while you may be thinking more about summer than PD, let me convince you to think about– both!

What Is the Elementary Technology Conference (ETC)?

It’s a fantastic, fun, and relevant conference JUST for elementary educators. And it’s practically on the beach in Galveston, Texas. So basically, it’s professional learning that feels like summer fun. And it’s June 12-14.

ETC summer conference

TCEA has been around for more than 40 years, and ETC has been a well-loved TCEA event since 2011. It all started because we wanted to create a conference that was exclusively catered to the unique work of elementary educators– because, well, there just weren’t a lot of elementary-specific professional learning opportunities out there. And we also wanted a conference relevant to elementary educators in any role. From librarians, classroom teachers, gifted and talented, special education, instructional coaches, administrators, classroom assistants, and interventionists, we’ve had every kind of educator represented at ETC. And we LOVE it.

Why Attend ETC?

There are many reasons to attend ETC. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of seven BIG benefits. Here they are in a nutshell:

  1. Save your vacation time! You won’t spend your valuable vacation searching the internet for ideas. You’ll get them handed to you at ETC.
  2. It’s teachin’ by day and beachin’ by night. The beach is just across the street. Bring your beach bag and head on over when your sessions are done. Summertime is guaranteed at ETC.
  3. Swim in self-confidence. Build skills and add to your collection of tools, methods, and strategies that WORK with elementary learners. There’s nothing like seeing good results.
  4. All sessions are relevant. I know I mentioned it before, but everything is curated for elementary. So no session you attend will be irrelevant. That’s good news, right?
  5. Meet your new BFF. You’ll have plenty of time for interaction during meals, hands-on sessions, and interactive activities (like a GooseChase). You’re bound to meet some new besties for sure.
  6. It’s a worry-free trip! You deserve to be spoiled. And this is the royal treatment. We get tons of positive feedback on the amazing hotels, food, and location. Leave your worries behind!
  7. Be ready for the new year. With all these benefits combined, you’ll be equipped with the resources, knowledge, energy, and good vibes for starting out the new school year.
Elementary Technology Conference

But here are the top benefits according to some fantastic presenters and attendees.

Peggy Reimers, Director of Professional Development (TCEA)

“All the content is really relevant for elementary educators. You also get a great breakfast and lunch, you’re pretty much right on the beach, and it’s a super easy conference to navigate. Basically, you don’t have to worry about anything!”

Jenalee (Jeni Long and Sallee Clark), Instructional Technologists with Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD

“EVERY elementary educator needs to be at ETC because this conference was made for YOU! Sessions are designed to empower the elementary teacher to take learning to the next level. You’ll see how other educators are using ed tech in their elementary classrooms and be inspired to transform your lessons! See you there!”

Jeni and Sallee will be presenting a pre-conference workshop and several great ETC22 sessions. They’re fantastic. Don’t miss them!

Dr. Bruce Ellis, Director of Professional Development (TCEA)

“The learning is fun, everyone is full of energy, and practical ideas are freely shared. It’s common to even hear exciting conversations at lunch and in the hallway between folks from different districts sharing how they are going to use what they learned on their campus.”

Dr. Bruce Ellis is a must-see presenter. He will be presenting a pre-conference workshop and a few ETC22 sessions.

We hope to see you in Galveston this June 12-14 for a great time learning near the beach.

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