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ICYMI: Your 2023 Summer Blog Roundup

by Sara Qualls

Can you believe summer is almost over? Me either! While you were busy enjoying your well-deserved summer break, my teammates wrote some incredible summer blog posts that might have flown under your radar. So, sit down, dive in, and check out a few hidden TechNotes gems you may have missed. 

1. EduProtocols: Workflowing Amazing Lesson Design

ALDO becomes WALDO! Explore a lesson design outline with lots of resources for mixing and matching strategies, EduProtocols, and digital tools.

2. How to Create a Rubric with ChatGPT

How to Create a Rubric with ChatGPT

Get an editable prompt template and create a rubric with ChatGPT in less than one minute! Watch it work its magic in an example video.

3. ChatGPT Prompts for Busy Educators

Take a look at ChatGPT prompts for educators! Learn how to craft your best prompt to maximize your results and get what you’re looking for.

4. Six Simple SEL Strategies for a Joyful Classroom

Restore joy, reduce stress, and boost student engagement by using these six, simple SEL strategies in your classroom!

5. Five Ways to Make a Splash with Wakelet

Five Ways to Make a Splash with Wakelet

Are you using Wakelet yet? Discover five ways to leverage this digital curation tool with students, parents, and substitute teachers!

6. How Reliable Are AI Detectors?

Do AI detectors really work? You may be surprised. See how seven popular tools fared when put to the test with AI-generated text.

7. Going Beyond SAMR: Models for Technology Integration

Boost lesson design, student learning, and professional growth by combining the SAMR, TIM, and TPACK models for technology integration.

8. How to Easily Convert Quizzes Between Platforms

How to Easily Convert Quizzes Between Platforms

Need to get a set of quiz questions from one system (e.g. Quizlet, Kahoot!) into another? Find out how to convert quizzes easily!

9. Five Ways to Empower Educators through Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches can be powerful partners in growth. Let’s explore growth coaching questions and ways coaches can support educators.

10. New Reading Tools to the Rescue from Google and Microsoft

Get the latest on Microsoft’s Reading Coach and Google’s new Reading Practice features for Google Play Books.

11. Quick and Easy Tools for Making Flashcards

Quick and Easy Tools for Making Flashcards

If you’re looking for tools to make online flashcards to help students recall important information and practice skills, here is a goldmine!

12. How an Engaged Leader Fosters Employee Development

Are you a leader who is wanting to learn how to better support staff development? Let’s explore the employee development cycle!

13. Prompts for Lesson Planning with ChatGPT

Get an editable ChatGPT prompt for lesson planning and see prompt examples for activities, ideas, and differentiation.

14. A Back to School Calendar Packed with Celebrations

A Back to School Calendar Packed with Celebrations

Snag a fully editable 2023-2024 back-to-school calendar loaded with celebrations. Adapt it however you’d like or leave it as is!

Well, I hope you feel like you are all caught up! Moreso, I hope you are excited and inspired by new ideas and tools to try. May your year be filled with enthusiasm and a passion for learning. Here’s to an incredible 2023-24 school year!

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