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STEM Sparkles for Student Learners

by Miguel Guhlin
STEM Sparkles

Are you on the hunt for STEM activities and apps to spice up your pre-holiday lessons? Come along for a quick look at some engaging activities curated from across the web.

STEM Sparkles

STEM Powered Family – https://go.mgpd.org/stem1
Features twenty-four exciting activities you can do with your class, in groups or for class demonstration. My favorite is the Rudolph Races.

Little Bins for Little Hands – https://go.mgpd.org/stem2
This site excels at sharing sensory bins, which provide “tactile learning experience in a contained area” appropriate for younger learners. One activity sure to excite learners is the magnet science activity as learners create magnet decorations.

The BioDigital Human – https://go.mgpd.org/stem3
Ready to engage students with anatomy? Have them check out the BioDigital Human app for Chrome.

Science Resource Center – https://go.mgpd.org/stem4
Have you kept up with inquiry-based learning activities like hyperdocs? Kelly Fitzgerald’s Padlet of science activities can get you started.

Wait, there’s MORE!

STEM Sparkles

Padlet of STEM Awesomeness – https://go.mgpd.org/stem5
Looking for more STEM activities and apps? Check out this Padlet chock-full of content. You can explore and adapt these for your own use. Find a list of iOS/Android apps, websites, Chrome browser apps/extensions. and Pinterest sites featuring STEM activities.

Want to Learn More?

Be sure to explore TCEA’s other Technotes blog entries featuring STEM and STEAM.

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