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St. Patrick’s Day Resources

by Diana Benner
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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday celebrated on March 17 every year. The day provides a great opportunity for students to learn about Irish culture, history, and traditions. There are a lot of classroom resources available to help students learn more about this holiday. Let’s take a look at a few!

What Is the History of St. Patrick’s Day?

Learning about the history of St. Patrick’s Day is a great place to start. There are several online resources that provide a detailed account of the holiday, its origins, and its significance. A great source is the History Channel’s website, which has an article on the history of St. Patrick’s Day that is accessible to students of all ages.

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

Image of the supplies needed for the catapult lucky charms St. Patrick's Day STEM activity: Two boxes of lucky charms are shown above catapults made from Jumbo Craft Sticks, Rubber Bands, and Plastic Spoons. There are also small, plastic toy cauldrons for the lucky charms to be catapulted into.
Lucky Charms catapult activity from joyintheworks.com

Allow students to explore St. Patrick’s Day with some fun hands-on activities. Here you will find science experiments, technology, engineering, and math activities. For example, students can build a shamrock circuit, catapult lucky charms, build a leprechaun trap, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day Escape Rooms

Make learning about St. Patrick’s day fun with digital escape rooms! With digital escape rooms, students are actively engaged because they are solving problems in order to “escape.” This also challenges students to think outside the box. In this Seesaw activity, students try to catch the leprechaun and find his pot of gold. Students solve puzzles to collect materials to build a Leprechaun trap in this Digital Escape Room. Lastly, in this breakout, students pretend they are leprechauns! Their mission is to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by completing tasks correctly.

Virtual Field Trips

Take your students on a virtual field trip to Ireland and explore Ireland’s culture and history. There are many online resources that offer virtual tours of Ireland’s most famous landmarks, including the Cliffs of Moher. This site offers many virtual tours so students can see 360 views of Ireland right from the classroom. Some virtual tours include the National History Museum of Ireland, the Ailwee Caves, the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day provides a great opportunity for students to learn about Irish culture, history, and traditions. By using the above resources, students can make the most of this holiday and gain a better understanding of its significance. For additional activities, be sure to check out these lesson plans, printable, and interactive tools for St. Patrick’s Day.

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