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Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Students

by Peggy Reimers
Leprechaun hat, four-leaf clovers, and pieces of gold behind the title "Lucky St. Patrick's Day Activities for Students." St. Patricks Day can be a fun celebration in the classroom!

“Top of the morning to you,” as the traditional Irish greeting goes. As we finish up February and leap into March, we have many things to look forward to, like the start of spring, spring break, and… St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s get our green on in the classroom this March with the following:

  • A brand-spankin’ new digital breakout
  • Two Connections games
  • “It’s All About the Green” activity 

1. St. Patrick’s Day Connections

The two St. Patrick's Day Connections. The first row contains, brocolli, rain, stew and gold.

I’m currently hooked on the New York Times Connections game. In this engaging activity, you organize 16 words into four categories of four words each. Each group is linked by a common theme. I have designed two St. Patrick’s Day Connections games suitable for student use! The answers are also included. Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Sara Qualls, also shared a valuable tip: Swellgarfo.com offers a convenient online tool to craft personalized puzzles inspired by the New York Times daily Connections game. It’s quite impressive!

2. St. Patrick’s Day Digital Breakout

The header for the St. Patrick's Day digital breakout.

Get ready for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration like never before! I’m excited to introduce my latest holiday-themed digital breakout, specially crafted for the greenest holiday of the year. Whether you’re a seasoned escape room enthusiast or new to the adventure, my St. Patrick’s Day digital breakout promises an engaging and entertaining experience for all. Are you ready to break out of the four-lock digital challenge? Solve the 5 Letter, 4 Color, 6 Number, and 3 Direction locks to beat the breakout. And remember educators, you can always email me for the answers at preimers@tcea.org.

3. It’s All About the Green

Four examples of the It's All About the Green, including slang for a dollar bill and a signal for moving forward.

This is also a brand-new activity. The goal of the activity is to correctly guess the answers to a series of clues. All the answers have one thing in common: they contain the word “green.” A clue provides a hint related to a word or phrase that includes the word “green,” and the challenge is to identify words or phrases associated with the color green.

Whether you and your students are decoding word connections, navigating a digital escape, or unraveling clues tied to the vibrant color green, I hope these activities add a dash of excitement to your classroom. May your St. Patrick’s Day be filled with joy, learning, and a bit of Irish luck! Sláinte!

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