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MockoFUN for Teachers: A Free Design Tool

by Miguel Guhlin

Finding new, creative tools with templates can be difficult. Who wants to spend hours designing a flyer from scratch? That’s why tools like Canva for Education make life so much easier. In this blog entry, let me introduce you to another tool chock-full of templates and design ideas. You will be creating designs with fresh new looks in no time at all.

Featuring MockoFUN

In brief, MockoFUN is a virtual platform for innovative image design. You can create backgrounds, business cards, greeting cards, Facebook posts, and flyers. Each category is replete with templates that you can start with and make your own. Want to design an infographic with a different look? MockoFUN is your creative design buddy.


Free Access to Photos, Graphics, Videos, and Audio

MockoFUN provides free access to digital design tools you can create with. Those tools include the following with quick tutorials to show them off:

  • Photo editor. This makes online photo editing and applying filters, masks, frames, and cool effects a simple task. See how to use the blur effect.
  • Logo maker. Know how to work with vector shapes and clipart? Use your skills to design logos that include circular or curved text. Make labels online.
  • Text editor. Start with 800 free fonts and insert text symbols and apply effects. You can even create curved text!

MockoFUN Is Free for Teachers

What’s more, MockoFUN is FREE for teachers. You get a Premium User Subscription at no cost. All you have to do is apply. Isn’t that amazing?

Here’s an adapted excerpt of their announcement:

MockoFun is the perfect graphic design tool for teachers. Make worksheets, presentations, posters, and classroom decoration kits. MockoFun offers all the tools you need to improve the learning process.

Educators from K-16 can apply to the MockoFun Free for Teachers program. You will get all the features included in the Premium Users Subscription for FREE!

What does that subscription include?

  • Premium resources
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Priority support
  • Template sharing

Even better than other tools you may use, the free account gives you full access to everything you need. What’s more, you can put your own images and content into MockoFUN for use. The possibilities are endless!

Not sure you can get up to speed? You can begin using MockoFUN as fast as it takes to apply for their free teacher account. They have tutorials you can explore now to help you get started.


Templates Abound

As a classroom teacher, I always enjoyed creating certificates. Making them in a word processor was a tedious job, though. Now, MockoFUN makes it easy to create magazine covers, flyers, certificates, and more.


There are many more templates you can access. You can adjust or adapt MockoFUN templates as you need to, and you can also make your own templates.


Design created with MockoFUN

Here is a collection of YouTube videos featuring MockoFUN tutorials:

Embrace Creative Possibilities

One of the most exciting features of MockoFUN is its versatility. Consider how many different designs you can generate:


I hope that you are ready to embrace all the creative possibilities. Give MockoFUN a spin. And, don’t forget to apply for their free teacher account!

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