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iOS 9.3 to Bring New Features for Education

by Lori Gracey

Apple has announced the upcoming release of iOS 9.3 and it looks to be a great step forward for educators using the devices in the classroom. Four key features are included:

  • Shared iPad for students – Students can now log into any iPad and make it their own. All of their apps, books, and documents will follow them. To help with younger students logging in, they can simply use a four-digit PIN on the Lock Screen. This is HUGE!
  • New classroom app for teachers – With Apple Classroom, the teacher can launch (and lock) everyone’s apps at the same time, then guide what students are looking at on their devices. He can see what each student is doing with just a tap. If a student can’t remember his password, the teacher can now reset it instead of waiting for IT help.
  • Apple School Manager for Support Staff – This will be one central place for admins to create Apple IDs, build courses in iTunes U, and access everything they need to deploy iPads using a Mac or PC web browser. Buy and distribute apps and books, manage your MDM system and device enrollment, and create accounts simply and easily.
  • Managed Apple IDs – With Apple School Manager, IT staff can now easily reset passwords, audit accounts, create IDs in bulk, and create customized roles for everyone in the district.


Another feature included in the iOS update is Night Shift. Just like the f.lux program, it will shift the colors on your screen to warmer tones based on the time of day so you don’t get blasted by harsh blue light when working at night.

If your school is interested in being a Beta tester for Apple’s new classroom management tool, make a request at educationpreview@apple.com. You can read more about the new features coming here.

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