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The Flipped Side of Professional Development

by Diana Benner

I am very honored to be presenting at the upcoming ISTE conference in June. I will be presenting on flipping your professional development. As we all know, there are many challenges to traditional professional development, such as large group instruction with a one-size-fits-all type of delivery. This is why many school districts are turning to the flipped model for their professional development.

Just like the flipped classroom model, flipped professional development involves teachers reviewing resources or watching videos ahead of the designated meeting time. This would then allow the PD time together to be spent in more meaningful ways. Meeting time could turn into a discussion about a topic or planning time with colleagues.

Benefits of Flipping PD

There are many benefits of flipping professional development, for both teachers as well as staff development facilitators. Below are a few:

  • Teachers can learn at their own pace.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to review the material over and over again, if they need or want to.
  • Teachers are engaged and can take ownership of their own learning.
  • Facilitators can spend more time supporting teachers with practice.
  • Facilitators can be involved with teacher learning rather than lecture.


Some things I will be sharing in my presentation include:

  • Steps for getting started with flipping your professional development
  • Examples of how schools are flipping professional development
  • Digital tools that can help you move your content online.


The ISTE conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on June 26-29, 2016. I hope to see you there!

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