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TCEA’s Elementary Technology Conference

TCEA's Elementary Technology Conference

As you know, TCEA offers numerous benefits to members (highlighted in my last blog post) to make every education professional’s edtech journey an efficient and effective one. One thing you may not know, however, is that TCEA provides a free, one-year membership to pre-service teachers that gives them access to the professional development resources they will need to enter the classroom prepared to instruct with technology (We do, by the way!).

The Future Is Now

It is due to this free pre-service teacher membership that I travel to universities throughout the state to speak with pre-service educators about our offer. The first question I ask every audience is, “How many of you in here have a brother/sister, niece/nephew, cousin, neighbor down the street, etc., under the age of 10, who just instinctively knows what to do when you hand them a cell phone or tablet?” Without fail, every hand goes up. Clearly, the future is now.

Importance of Elementary Technology Education

This massive shift towards instructional technology currently happening within education dictates the need for every educator to understand the role of technology in the elementary classroom, as well as take advantage of professional development guaranteed to provide you with the latest tools, resources, and strategies to engage students and create real student achievement.

Cue TCEA’s Elementary Technology Conference, June 9-11, 2019, in Galveston, TX.

What ETC Offers

This always-popular summer conference focuses on technology integration and best practices in the PreK-5 classroom, providing participants with real-world tools and strategies to enhance the learning environment for their students. From ISTE Standards in the elementary classroom to problem-based learning (PBL) and the needs of Gen Z learners, you’ll find the resources and strategies you need to prepare your students for the future.

At TCEA’s Elementary Technology Conference, attendees will:

  • Learn innovative tools and techniques to engage, empower, and inspire young learners
  • Network with like-minded elementary educators in informal settings and facilitated breakout groups
  • Engage in hands-on learning in hundreds of sessions and walk away with exciting lessons and ideas for the new school year
  • Discover cutting-edge products and services to make your job easier
  • Recharge their energy and excitement about teaching!

As an education professional, you know that all students need technology education throughout their elementary years to serve as a foundation for developing digital literacy and prepare them for the careers of today. If you are a PreK-5 teacher, curriculum specialist, elementary administrator, ECLC director, campus technology specialist, technology director, or elementary librarian, I would encourage you to attend TCEA’s Elementary Technology Conference to help advance your profession, yourself, and your students.

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