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Get Idea Sparks with the New Chromebook App Hub

by Diana Benner

At SXSWedu 2019, Google announced the new Chromebook App Hub, an online resource to help educators learn about Chrome apps and find activities for the classroom.  There are many Chrome apps that are available, but knowing how to use them in the classroom is vital. The new App Hub will help with this.

The App Hub will contain idea sparks, which are ideas from fellow educators on how to use specific apps in the classroom. Also included in the App Hub will be tips for successfully using the app in the classroom, differentiated instructional strategies, as well as links to additional resources, like videos and links to websites.

Our board President, Dr. Roland Rios (@drrios) helped give early feedback on the App Hub. According to Dr. Rios, the new App Hub is just what educators need. He feels it will be a place to find new tools to engage students and connect teachers who are using the tools and provide lesson ideas. In addition, it will help districts align information in the App Hub to their local resources and bring more transparency in their usage for districts.

The Chromebook App Hub will be available later this year. Until then, educators can express interest in submitting idea sparks. In addition, you can sign up to get notified when it becomes available.

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