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Whether you are on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, you have most likely seen some buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) tools that have been coming out over the past few months. AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. These intelligent machines can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, such as recognizing patterns, learning from experience, and making decisions.

Even though many AI tools are not as robust as we may want them to be, there are many ways that AI, in general, can enhance education. They include:

  • Personalized learning: AI can be used to create personalized learning experiences for students based on their individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This can help students learn more effectively and at their own pace.
  • Automated grading: AI can be used to grade assignments, essays, and other written work, allowing teachers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time supporting student learning.
  • Adaptive tutoring: AI can be used to create adaptive tutoring systems that can help students learn and understand difficult concepts. These systems can provide instant feedback and support to students, helping them stay engaged and motivated.
  • Early detection of learning difficulties: AI can be used to monitor students’ progress and identify areas where they may be struggling. This can help teachers intervene early and provide targeted support to students who need it.
  • Improved accessibility: AI can be used to create educational tools and resources that are accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. This can help ensure that all students have equal access to high-quality education.
5 Ways AI Can Enhance Education

If AI interests you (or if it quite possibly scares you!), then plan on joining me at the TCEA 2023 Convention & Exposition as I share about AI. Be sure to bring your device charged and ready to go, as you’ll have a chance to try out several AI tools. Here’s a preview of some of the tools we’ll explore together:

You will leave with a list of AI tools, knowledge of where to find out about future AI tools being released, ways that you can use them to make your life easier as a teacher, and even integration ideas to support student learning!

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