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3D Design Contest: Submit Your Lesson

by Miguel Guhlin
3D design

Want to equip students for the future, inspiring them to interact with curriculum that makes learning relevant? One approach involves blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) approaches into teaching and learning. And the easiest way to do this is by involving students in 3D design.

3D design is a great critical thinking and problem solving area, whether you have a printer or not. Free software to create the designs is available from TCEA. And there’s an upcoming contest you can enter to help get you started.

No matter what your education role, consider submitting a lesson plan (from any content area) with 3D printing or 3D design components. The contest winner will earn an Ultimaker 3D printer, a fabulous tool to help you grow your STEAM program. Read more about Pinshape.com’s Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest.

Why a 3D Printing Contest?

“3D printers are quickly becoming a popular tool for teaching STEAM subjects and 3D design principles. By enhancing lesson plans with 3D printed objects, it allows students to interact with the curriculum in a personal way and makes the lesson more engaging,” says the Pinshape website.  “3D printers can absolutely be a conduit to providing students with high level, personal, and authentic learning experiences,” points out Thomas C. Murray.  Per Forbes’s report on The State of 3D Printing in 2017, 57 percent of all 3D printing work done is in the first phases of new product development, and 55 percent of businesses predict they will be spending more in 3D printing services and solutions in 2017.

More About the Contest

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2017. Entries will be judged by experts in the field, including TCEA Champion Mark Simmons (Director of Technology, Sabine Pass ISD). Mark has effectively incorporated 3D printing and drones from elementary to high school, making every classroom a “hackerspace.” You can learn more about Mark’s efforts by reading and listening to these TCEA blog entries featuring his work with 3D printing and drones.

What Could a Lesson Look Like?

Lesson plans will be scored and assigned points depending on how well they answer these questions:

  • How well defined is the objective of the lesson plan and does the lesson achieve its objective?
  • Does the lesson plan include a relevant .stl file that enhances learning outcomes and (if applicable) instructions on how students can make their own?
  • How engaging and interesting is the lesson plan?
  • Does the lesson plan specify which state standards it is following and does it adhere to those standards?

Check out these sample lesson plans for inspiration:

  • Dodecahedron Lesson Plan: Visualizing 3D Objects: The Dodecahedron makes use of a 3D printed kit to introduce students to hands-on methods of translating three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional space. Students will journey from pre-Renaissance schools of thought through how da Vinci’s contributions have shaped how we depict our world to the innovations enabled by 3D modeling advancements.
  • The Three States of Matter Lesson Plan: In this lesson, students learn about molecules and the three states of matter they can exist in. They design a model that displays the different arrangements of the molecules in each state of matter.

Would you like some tips on how to create a lesson plan that involves 3D design? Visit Pinshape’s Education Page.

3d printing contest

What Are the Elements of a Contest Entry?

Interested in sharing what you are doing in the classroom with your students? Submissions must include a PDF of the lesson plan and at least one .stl file. You do not need to be a teacher to enter and you do not have to have a 3D printer. Guidelines include:

  • Designs must be original works and not remixes of someone else’s design or a pre-existing character.
  • Entries should be first-time submissions to a Pinshape contest.
  • Entries must comply with Pinshape’s content policy.
  • Entrants must be registered with Pinshape to enter.
  • There is no fee to enter the challenge.
  • Entrants can submit as many unique entries as they would like.
  • The contest is open worldwide.

What Am I Competing For?

Win the contest and you will get an Ultimaker 3 3D printer and prizes from MatterHackers. MatterHackers is the sponsor and prize provider.


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