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Interactive Learning with Zeetings

by Lori Gracey

As longtime PowerPoint aficionado, I am always on the lookout for ways to make my slideshows more interactive. I’ve used tools like Poll Everywhere and Padlet and others in the past, but didn’t like the way they took me away from my original program and didn’t allow me to pull everything together for review afterwards. But now, there’s Zeetings.

What Is Zeetings?

Zeetings is a web-based platform that enables participants in your meetings, training sessions, workshops, lessons, and events to actively participate from their own device. Participants join in by visiting a simple URL such as zeetings.com/your-name. There’s nothing for them to download or install and it works on all connected devices. Once they’re connected, participants can follow your slides as they’re presented, respond to live polls, post questions and comments, take notes, chat with other participants, and more. All this interactivity gets people engaged with the topic at hand and helps you collect valuable data about what your participants really think. That makes it a powerful tool for both student and adult learners.

Other Features

Zeetings offers powerful analytics so that you can see how others perceived the presentation. And what’s really amazing is that the conversations and the learning can continue after the slideshow has ended. People can continue to vote, discuss, and share long after the event is over. In addition, you can easily embed a Google Doc, a map, a tweet, or any other embeddable content you find on the web directly into your presentations. 

And did I mention the very best feature? It’s absolutely FREE for educators! That’s for up to 500 participants per presentation, unlimited presentations, and full analytics.


Zeetings in the Classroom

Want to make sure that students are following along on their devices with your presentation? Not a problem. Each time you change slides, their device will automatically change, too. Want to give shyer students the opportunity to ask questions? Questions can be posted anonymously so everyone feels comfortable participating and you can moderate questions before they go live. Want to brainstorm and share ideas? The Activity Wall gathers what everyone is thinking in one place and displays it in a format tailored for big screens. Want to show a YouTube video during your presentation? It’s now really easy. With Zeetings, you just paste any link from Youtube and drag and drop the video into the position you want.

This tool is great for blended or flipped classrooms. In addition to delivering live presentations, Zeetings can also be used to share interactive presentations for participants to move through and participate in in their own time. Sharing a presentation with Zeetings gives you a whole lot more functionality than attaching to an email or using a file share service. With Zeetings, you’ll know as soon as your presentation has been opened so you’re no longer left wondering. All the interactivity is available so the recipient can answer polls, send questions and comments your way, and take notes.

It’s also fabulous for doing work that involves the jigsaw method. Students in their expert groups can create interactive presentations for their home groups that not only help to present the information, but also allow them (and you) to see how well it is understood.

So what are you waiting for? Give Zeetings a try today and help your students achieve more!

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Alfred Okello September 14, 2022 - 9:45 am

Zeetings is phenomenal!


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