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Why You Need to Hear These Speakers at TCEA 2021

by Andrew Roush
tcea 2021

Educators choose their career because they’re passionate about teaching and learning. Passion, however, requires inspiration, rejuvenation, and creativity. As you progress through the years and over the course of a career, educators need a lifelong commitment to their own learning, expanding their point of view and renewing their passion.

The best professional development opportunities grow your sense of wonder, of exploration, and of purpose. At the annual TCEA Convention & Exposition, we work to provide ample, novel ways to refresh your passion for education. This year, our virtual event is full of ways to embrace education from every angle, in part by gaining new insights from our amazing speakers — the inventive experts we call Thought Leaders.

Here are a few reasons you’ll want to register for TCEA 2021, and not miss out on these speakers.

Focusing on What Matters at TCEA 2021

Our 2021 TCEA and IDEAcon Featured Focus speakers bring big ideas, remarkable personal stories, and powerful examples of transformative learning through can’t-miss keynote presentations. Here’s who you’ll be inspired by.

Bonnie St. John Helps Build Resilience, Inclusion, and Success

Paralympian and former Rhodes Scholar Bonnie St. John is a leadership consultant with a powerful perspective on working through trying circumstances, creating open discussion, and achieving goals — topics vital to everyone in education from administrators to classroom teachers and staff.

Hamish Brewer Motivates You to “Be Relentless”

Tattooed, skateboarding principal Hamish Brewer has achieved positive outcomes by encouraging students to “be relentless.” You won’t want to miss his stories of success.

John Hattie Reveals Strategies That Work

World-renowned professor and educational researcher John Hattie will share his insights on teaching strategies that not only support learning, but accelerate it.

Kate the Chemist Makes Wonder Grow

Chemist, science entertainer, and professor at The University of Texas, Dr. Kate Biberdorf routinely amazes audiences with remarkable science experiments and demonstrations. Join her for a sessions that will entertain and engage.

Ken Shelton Tells Stories That Make You Think

Educator and ed tech expert Ken Shelton focuses on using tech creatively to grow equity and inclusion, anti-bias/anti-racism, multimedia literacy, cultural intelligences, visual storytelling, and instructional design.

Ali Hearn Supports Positive Outcomes

Ali Hearn, MSW, LCSW, is passionate about generating positive organizational cultures and is an expert in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Join her to amp up your school’s culture of inclusion, participation, and success.

Jennifer Gonzalez Shares Powerful Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzalez is the creator of the popular Cult of Pedagogy blog where she shares her experiences in the classroom and with training educators. She’s sure to provide practical strategies to bring teaching to life.

Kevin Carrol Brings Fun to the Fundamentals of Learning

As an author, speaker and agent for social change, Kevin Carroll is known as the “Katalyst.” He’s bringing energy and dynamism, a sense of play — and positive social change — to teaching.

And There’s Much More…

Popular and exciting Thought Leaders will be presenting throughout this year’s event. Explore our full list of Thought Leaders here. And don’t forget to register today — prices will go up January 9.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at TCEA ’21? Let us know in the comments!

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