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What’s Hot in Ed Tech? A Sneak Peek at the TCEA Showcase at ISTE 2017

by Susan Meyer
TCEA Showcase

There are so many incredible things happening in ed tech right now. From augmented reality to programming and robots, technology–when implemented well–can support student learning and create the next generation of confident, collaborative critical thinkers. TCEA is excited to share the latest innovations and how they can be applied to your classroom at our interactive playground at the ISTE 2017 Conference & Expo in San Antonio.

TCEA members from all over the country are coming to share their incredible wealth of knowledge. They’ll showcase what works in their classrooms, libraries, and schools and what doesn’t. As a sneak peek for our readers who will be attending ISTE 2017, we wanted to share some of what we have in store in the TCEA Showcase Area. This includes our exciting poster sessions and resource-rich demo slams.

If you’re not sure if you can make it to ISTE 2017 this June (although it’s not too late to register!), you can still gain a great overview of the trends, topics, and tools that will continue to revolutionize classrooms this fall.

Hot Topics

The interactive playground will be found in the TCEA Showcase Area at ISTE. Here, TCEA members will be leading the way with two-hour poster sessions on the latest in innovative educational technology. The sessions are more intimate than typical presentations, allowing attendees to casually drop in at any point and talk to presenters one-on-one. Here are just a few of topics that will be addressed, along with a quick crash course in why they’re getting so much buzz.


The Department of Education predicts that STEAM careers will continue to grow at a rate of 14 percent over the decade–much faster than the national average. Even beyond workforce aspirations, helping students develop science, technology, engineering, art/design, and mathematics thinking will help them become better problem solvers and collaborators. And the tools used in STEAM can provide students with an outlet for creativity and new ways to communicate their learning.

Programming and Robotics

Coding and robotics programs are booming in schools because few technologies offer a better way to emphasize problem-based learning, allow for the direct application of knowledge, encourage hands-on creation in cooperative groups, and produce immediate results from new learning. Furthermore, digital and coding literacy is quickly becoming mandatory for students to understand the information-based technologies of the future. Programming and robotics curricula give students the skills and knowledge they need to keep up and succeed.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Did you know you can recreate a 3D environment of a Civil War battlefield and have students experience a virtual field trip without ever leaving the classroom? Or they can imagine the classroom is a rain forest and learn about the environment while seeing bromeliads sprouting from the whiteboard and spider monkeys swinging from the ceiling. The possibilities for augmented and virtual reality being used in the classroom are almost limitless, once you learn some go-to apps and sites and how to use them.

Constructivist Learning/Maker Movement

Makerspaces provide students a place to problem solve and think critically without creative limits. They have a safe space to experience failure without consequences, to learn from those failures, and to set their own measures for achievement. Best of all, makerspaces don’t necessarily require a ton of tech, resources, or storage space to be implemented–all you need is the right attitude, approach, and strategies.

Learn how other educators are applying the above technologies and ideas in their schools! Check the ISTE 2017 schedule to find the dates and times of the topics that interest you.

Seeing Is Believing

In addition to the poster sessions at the TCEA Showcase, our incredible professional development team will also be putting on demo slams for attendees. These are fast-paced, 20-minute sessions that will provide resources you can immediately implement in your classroom.

These sessions are highly focused to give you an in-depth look at everything from digital breakouts to podcasting with Microsoft Sway. Have you wanted to learn how to annotate online videos or maximize your Chrome experience? Are you in need of fresh iPad math apps, classroom icebreakers, or terrific tools for social studies? Regardless of your grade level or curriculum specialty, there is a demo slam for everyone at the TCEA Showcase.

Register for ISTE 2017

There’s still time to register for the ISTE Conference & Expo, taking place on June 25-28 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. The conference is a great source for learning the latest in ed tech from innovative thought leaders. Learn more about registering for ISTE 2017 here. We hope to see you at the interactive playground for the TCEA Showcase this summer!


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