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Update on Free Membership Week: You Won’t Believe the First 48 Hours!

by Emily Horn
Free Membership Week

Let me tell you, Free Membership Week is off to a fantastic start, and it’s just Wednesday! Thank you to everyone for sharing tweets, posts, and statuses about our a-maize-ing free membership opportunity. Please keep sharing with all your peers, colleagues, friends, and family members– both near and far– because we want TCEA to spread its support, resources, and community around the world, for free!

Free Membership Week Stats

I want to tell you about what a cornucopia of gourdness (Don’t worry. I’ve got fall puns for days!) we’ve seen in just the first two days of Free Membership Week. So far, we have had members join or renew from 59 different countries– in just 48 hours. Here is a visual representation of these countries in light blue:

Not only that, but out of 50 states, we’ve had members join us or renew their memberships from 49. Isn’t it autumn? I mean, awesome?

We have had 8,080 members sign up or renew individually, and an additional 1,870 members have been signed up through our group sign up. That’s 9,950 total sign ups during the first two days of Free Membership Week, averaging a total of 207.29 sign ups per hour, and I’m pumpkined up about it!

What You Get with a Membership

Let’s talk about why you and everyone you know should become a member:

  1. Learning without limits. That’s our vision for education, pure and simple. And we know that we can achieve it if we all work together.
  2. A global community you can rely on. You can connect with a community of more than 55,000 education professionals to brainstorm, share, problem solve, and more in our online community. It’s pretty incredible.
  3. Interactive webinars with actionable take-aways. Lunch and Learn webinars are where it’s at. I attend every single one of them because they are such a treat. They are led by members of our TCEA Professional Development team, each of whom have years of experience in the field. You get so much more than just 30 minutes worth of learning and you log off with tools to implement immediately.
  4. Resources galore (that you will use). As a member, you can access TCEA Community’s PD Library, which has archives and recordings of all webinars, and the Lunch and Learn sites, with posted resources for you to access, download, and use. And don’t forget about all of the other great resources that TCEA shares with its members: ebooks, this blog, our podcast library, student contests, and educator awards and scholarships.
  5. 80+ CPE Credits. You can earn all your CPE credits in one place! They are offered through online and in-person events throughout the year.
  6. Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Mix with other educators that share your role, position, or specialty by joining a SIG based on your role or specialty. What better way to learn, problem solve, and get inspired than through connecting with your peers?
  7. A free SketchUp Pro license ($590 value!) for every staff member and student device. Teach your students the power of 3D modeling and 2D drawing as they learn use this digital tool to create, design, and present. Check out these posts for some great lesson plans!
  8. And so much more…

Did I mention that TCEA memberships are free, as in $0, through October 8? That’s right. There is no catch! Do you really need a reason to sign up this week? Share the goodness of TCEA with everyone you know, and I wonder how many states, countries, and members we will reach by the end of the week?

It’s not just professional development, it’s TCEA. And TCEA is all about connecting people, supporting each other, and helping each other do our best work. Join us or renew today!

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