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TCEA’s New, FREE, and Open Community Groups

by Kristi Starr

If you’ve been a member of any of TCEA’s SIGs (Special Interest Groups), you’ve hopefully seen the messages about the end of the SIGs. As an active member of LIB-SIG, I admit that I was initially upset to hear that the SIGs are ending, but as I visited with TCEA staff and members of the Board of Directors, I realized that this doesn’t really mark an end, rather a transformation that will benefit more educators. 

If you’ve been a SIG member, in the past, you paid a fee to join. Even when TCEA began offering free, automatic membership renewal, SIG membership required purchasing. While some SIGs offered perks such as prize drawings, event discounts, or exclusive learning opportunities, many members of the TCEA community were left out. As we bid farewell to the SIGs, we find a new, inclusive model offering targeted communication and content. 

Discover TCEA's Groups

As indicated in recent communications from TCEA staff member Robert Bennett, the new Groups are completely free. Interest-driven community membership is open. This fosters greater inclusivity and offers more opportunities for increased interaction and broader communication among members who share common interests. 

TCEA's Groups Announcement

Why should you consider joining one or more of TCEA’s Groups? For precisely those reasons. You might be missing important announcements, information, resources, or questions that relate specifically to that group. Do you have a question that you want to pose to other members who work in the same capacity or with the same tools? This is the perfect forum. 

Groups designed to engage specific roles are: 

CTEInstructional Coaches
CTOs and Technology DirectorsJob Board
ElementaryLibrarians and Media Specialists
Equity and InclusionSecondary
Higher Ed

Platform and interest-related Groups are: 

AppleRecordings and Resources
Computer Science Robotics
ESportsTech Helpdesk
Emerging Tech TrendsTechnology Applications
GoogleVirtual Learning 

As a TCEA member, you have access to the Community, both available in a web-based format and as an app. Choose your Groups and go into your settings to adjust and set notifications. Anyone can post questions, comments, and share resources. And it’s free! 

The TCEA Community is a fantastic membership perk. Take advantage of what TCEA’s Groups have to offer, and leave your own mark by interacting and contributing.

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