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On the Lighter Side: A Non-Educational App

by Lori Gracey

Just a warning up front: I’m going to talk about an app in this blog, but it doesn’t really have a big educational purpose. It’s more for personal use. 

I spend a lot of time traveling in my job, which means I sit at airports and restaurants and hotel lobbies. At all of those places are televisions playing news and shows that I might be interested in while I’m waiting. But I usually can’t hear them very well over the roar of the background noise and the crowd. That’s where the free Tunity app comes in. Available for both Android and iOS, Tunity lets you scan any live TV show that’s playing, even if it’s muted. Then it will stream the TV’s audio directly to your device. You can now listen to the TV with your device’s speakers or headphones. It’s that simple.

Currently, Tunity supports 100 channels of television shows. It only works for live feeds though, so you can’t use it to listen to Netflix programs or DVDs. And you do need an Internet connection for it to work.

There are a few non-leisure purposes Tunity could fill as well. If you have students with slight hearing problems, letting them listen in on their device while watching a show in class may be a solution. If you have to share a hospital room, you can watch TV without disturbing your neighbor. For students who share a dorm room at college, it’s a way for one to sleep while the other catches a show.

I realize that this isn’t a life-changing app, but it certainly fills a need for me. And, as my husband gets older, it may save our marriage as he can now listen to our television at a sound level that’s better for his aging ears without blasting me out of the house.

What do you think? Is Tunity an app you might find useful?

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