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Do You Have 15 Minutes to Help a Colleague?

by Lori Gracey

We believe that TCEA is an amazing organization made up of extremely dedicated educators across Texas and the world who are committed to the improvement of teaching and learning through the use of computers and technology. And with more than 17,000 of you who have joined us so far to accomplish that mission, we are growing by leaps and bounds.

But we also know that there are a lot of teachers, librarians, and administrators out there who haven’t even heard of TCEA and how we can help them in the classroom. It makes us sad to know that there are caring professionals who could use our free-to-member webinars and resources to help differentiate and teach young minds, but who aren’t a member. They don’t have access to the rich content and tools available in the Community or the large network of engaged individuals who are making a difference on their campuses every day.

So, would you as a TCEA member consider spending just 15 minutes to help spread the word? Would you commit to telling just one or two (or three?) other educators on your campus about TCEA and how we have helped you? As you know, membership is only $45 for a full year’s worth of valuable resources, tools, content, professional learning, networking, and events. Take just a few minutes now to share what you’ve gained from being a TCEA member with a colleague. We want to reach every person who touches the lives of children each day, and you can help us accomplish that goal.

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