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Teacher Technology Grant Available

by Lori Gracey

What could you do with $1,000 to buy classroom technology? Would you invest in some Chromebooks for your students to use during group work? A couple of iPads to have as a station? Some robotics equipment for STEM learning? Maker supplies to foster student creativity and innovation? There are a lot of needs in our classrooms; here’s a grant that can help to meet those needs.

DirectStarTV will award $1,000 Visa Reward Cards to three winning entries in an essay contest. Open to any full-time K-12 grade teacher, the contest involves simply writing a 400- to 500-word essay. The prompt is:

Write about what new technology would mean to your classroom and how you would use the grant to address a learning challenge.

Ideas for how technology will facilitate a more constructive learning environment will vary, but all submissions should include:

  • An observed learning challenge that is amplified by inadequate technology.
  • The specific technology or technologies you plan to implement.
  • How this technology will support your teaching efforts.
  • The anticipated impact improved technology will have on your students.

The website provides a sample of what they are looking for and more details. Participants have until February 24, 2017 to submit their essay using the online form. So put your thinking cap on and get busy writing today!


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