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We Feel Your Pain and Have a Solution

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
campus technology specialist

Being a campus technology specialist can be very challenging these days. You try to work with all of your teachers, from the most tech savvy to the teacher who still can’t plug in her computer. Everyone wants you to troubleshoot technical problems, even though you’re not the technican. The office needs you to solve printer issues and install the new curriculum software, all by tomorrow.

And you wonder why it’s so hard to make some time to read up on the latest free apps or Web 2.0 tools that you can share to engage students. Few folks are aware of the extra time that you put in on a regular basis or how exhausting it can be to support adult learners; they only know that you make it look easy. But even on the best day, it can sometimes be a lonely job that few people understand.

campus technology specialistTo help you become a more effective and efficient campus technology specialist, TCEA has put together a solution, almost a miracle cure: an awesome group of presenters who know your struggles and can offer authentic solutions and advice to make your job easier and bring a smile to your face. Here are the top three reasons you should attend the Campus Technology Specialist Academy November 17-18 in Austin.


Reason #1: Relevant Solutions

Throughout the sessions of the Academy, you’ll hear how other campus technology specialists have worked with their staff to overcome the same challenges that you face. They’ll share what worked (and what didn’t), as well as critical tips to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with being a campus technology specialist.

Reason #2: Innovative and Tested Ideas

You’ll hear great ideas from experts in the field on how to motivate your reluctant teachers while challenging those who are always your first-adopters. You will leave with specific and actionable ideas, lessons, and activities that can be used with students, as well as with teachers, as you help them along their journey to innovative teaching and learning. And you’ll gain creative ways to offer professional development opportunities to better meet the needs of your staff.

Reason #3: You’re Not Alone

It is critical to both your sanity and your effectiveness as a campus leader that you have peers as contacts who can share their experiences and help you brainstorm possible next steps to try. Whatever your preferred method of connecting with others, you’ll find plenty of experts and supportive educators to add to your professional learning network to help you stay informed and balanced.

So, before you download the next app, restart the next computer, or counsel a teacher on why it’s important tocampus technology specialist integrate technology, take a moment to learn about the best learning event for campus technology specialists. View the sessions and schedule here and then register and join us at the TCEA Headquarters on November 17-18, 2016, for two days of refreshing, relevant training. Together, we can stop the pain and put a smile back on your face!


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