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Election Time, TCEA Style

by Lori Gracey

I know that the very last thing that you want to hear about right now is another election. But this election is different. There isn’t anyone calling the other candidate names, no one accusing someone else of doing something horrible, no bad commercials, no biased news stories, no screaming or tantrum throwing. There’s just a slate of educators who want to help lead TCEA and make it even better for its members. And they need your vote.

The election for open TCEA board of directors positions will be held from November 7 through November 18, ending at midnight CDT. Running for office this year are the following:

  • Vice President: Dr. Roland Rios, Fort Sam Houston ISD
  • Convention Chair Elect: David Jacobson, Lamar CISD
  • Finance and Records Chair: Brian Grenier, El Paso ISD
  • Area 1: Dr. Pat Abrego, Texas A&M International University
  • Area 3: David Luna, Goliad ISD
  • Area 7: Michelle Cooper, White Oak ISD and Paulette Roundtree, Malakoff ISD
  • Area 9: Don Sewell, Graham ISD
  • Area 11: Dr. Brian Brown, UT Arlington College of Education and Elaine Plybon, Keller ISD
  • Area 17: Bill Landis, Lubbock ISD

Members will vote via email. The email link provided will be for your use only, cannot be shared with others, and is only valid for one submission. You may select one of the candidates or choose to not select anyone. Detailed information about each candidate in the election is included with your ballot.

If you are interrupted during your voting and do not have time to finish, you may continue where you left off at any point during the time that the election is open as long as you do not click the final “Submit” button. However, we do encourage you to complete your vote as quickly as possible. Those elected will be announced on the TCEA website and in a future blog post.

When you receive your email ballot, take a moment to clear your mind of all of the ugliness of the national presidential election and remember that our election is done TCEA style: simply, nicely, kindly, and with the best interests of students and educators in mind. Then cast your vote and take part in a electoral process that really works for everyone. Thank you for your vote.


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