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TCEA Announces All-New Swift Programming Course

by Miguel Guhlin
SWIFT Programming

Teachers now have access to a Swift programming language course! The online, self-paced course is available through TCEA. If you don’t know us, we’re a nonprofit education association with a mission of “advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology.” Participants in the Swift Programming course watch videos and get sample code that guides them through hands-on projects.

Teaching Children Useful Skills with Swift Programming

TCEA Course Developer James Abela serves as head of computing in an Apple Distinguished School in Kuala Lumpur. “We have problems that need to be solved at a global scale. It’s about teaching children skills that are useful in a time when information is a mere click or voice command away,” says James Abela.

What Are the Swift Programming Course Details?

Participants will be able to create apps with Apple’s Swift and use it with students in a variety of learning situations as a new way to make exciting resources. “This is a great opportunity for educators to become versed in Swift,” asserted one TCEA member in the TCEA Community in the Apple Users Group (01/18/2023).

The course includes five modules:

  1. Getting Started with Swift Playgrounds
  2. Handling Swift Layouts
  3. Inputs and Outputs
  4. Calculations in Swift
  5. Animations in Swift

Educators who enroll in the course also get a free TCEA membership. Once completed, they receive 12 CPE credits, a digital badge, and a digital certificate of completion. Course access lasts for one full year from a participant’s date of enrollment in the course.

What Are the Swift Course Prequisites and Requirements?

This course is intended for middle and high school teachers and is a beginner course for Swift app development. No previous experience with any programming language is required. You can choose to use either an Apple Macintosh computer or an iPad. This software is free of charge from the Apple App Store.

How To Sign Up

The course is available for $39, but for groups of 10 or more, the price is discounted to $34 per person. Contact Miguel Guhlin (mguhlin@tcea.org) for pricing quotes for 10 or more people. Large groups can also pay via TCEA Credit Card Authorization Form. Interested? Go ahead, enroll now!

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