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TCEA Offers Free Membership This Week Only

by Lori Gracey
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As a big thank you to educators around the world for all that they’ve done for their students this terrible school year, TCEA is offering one year of free membership May 3-7, 2021. This offer is good for both new members and for existing or returning members.

Now while free anything is a great deal, and saving $49 by getting TCEA’s one-year membership is fantastic, that’s not the main reason to become part of TCEA. Here are just a few of the many, many reasons to join us.

TCEA Saves You Time

No one has enough time in today’s world, especially if you are a busy librarian or teacher or administrator. But TCEA can actually give you back some time through the resources and services that we provide.

  • Looking for a particular digital tool to help a certain population of students? Ask in our online Community and get immediate, tried-and-tested answers from more than 50,000 colleagues in the field.
  • Want to know what the latest research says about the best instructional strategies to use? Send an email to one of our professional development staff members who are current on what research says works in the classroom and they’ll get you a detailed reply.
  • Need a quick, anytime tutorial on a specific piece of software? Check out the more than 50 video guides on ways to incorporate technology with learning.
  • Take advantage of our free membership this week and we’ll send you a copy of our latest ebook 51 Fun Tech Tools and Resources for Busy Educators. It’s filled with curated tools that you have never seen before and that will really pack a punch in your classroom.

TCEA Helps You Sharpen Your Learning

If ever there was a time when educators needed to better hone their skills, it’s definitely now. As we finish up a year of remote teaching and learning and move into whatever the next phase of education will look like, all of us need to make sure we have the knowledge and skills necessary to help students. And nobody does professional learning better than TCEA.

  • Start with our weekly, free-to-members livestreams of key topics for all educators. Offered in short bursts, these 30-minute Lunch and Learn webinars feature innovative tools, engaging lesson ideas, and tons of curated resources. All of the webinars are then recorded and uploaded to the PD Library in our online Community, where you can watch them whenever you want.
  • To help you keep up with all of the research and new digital learning tools that are available, TCEA provides a daily, award-winning blog. From detailed lessons to reviews of new Web 2.0 resources, student engagement pieces to high-impact instructional strategies, you will be current and knowledgeable with this resource.
  • If you’re charged with keeping up with new ed tech products on the market and how they can help your students, then again, TCEA has what you need. Our partners provide weekly livestreams on the latest and greatest products and their best uses in the classroom or library.
  • Want to talk more with your nearby peers or maybe see some innovative programs on their campuses? Our 20 area directors help to connect members locally with webinars, coffee chats, conferences, and meet-ups. You can learn all about what they are offering in the area group you belong to in our Community.

TCEA Helps You Innovate Teaching

The need to help students recover from a year of the pandemic is foremost on most educators’ minds. Whether it is in a specific subject area or the ability to connect in a face-to-face way with others or to embrace social emotional learning, this next year will be the time for innovation in the classroom and library and in how education works as a whole. And again, TCEA is here to help you.

  • Listen to the weekly Ed Tech Club podcast to learn about innovative approaches to common problems. TCEA interviews experts from around the country who share their knowledge and insights with you.
  • Take on a new instructional strategy or improve your skill with a specific tech tool by taking one of our online, self-paced courses. Starting at just $29, these courses are designed to quickly give you the additional professional learning you need to make real, relevant change in the classroom.
  • Because TCEA partners with educators from around the world and with other educational associations, our members always have access to new best practices. Check out the Summer Learning livestreams with our friends from IDEA (Illinois), MACUL (Michigan), and NETA (Nebraska) on topics like social emotional learning, culturally responsive teaching, esports, and computer science and computational thinking K-12.

And that’s just a small overview of everything that TCEA provides to its members, the dedicated educators who are on the journey with us to learning without limits. So take advantage of the free membership this week and be sure to pass it along to your friends and colleagues. The offer ends at 5:00 p.m. Central on Friday, May 7, 2021.

One more thing: Join or renew for free this week and TCEA will send you a free copy of our latest ebook 51 Fun Tech Tools and Resources for Busy Educators. I guarantee that there are tools in this ebook that you have never heard of before and that you will want to use!

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sid Brannan May 4, 2021 - 10:07 am

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