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Summer Reading Suggestions for Educators

by Andrew Roush
summer reading

You probably don’t need to be reminded of the power of reading. It is, of course, a strong way to learn as well as a useful tool to relax, to be entertained, or even to simply fill time. 

So what are you reading this summer? For those having trouble finding the right read for the beach or the backyard, we have some suggestions.

Get Your YA On in Summer Reading

Young adult (YA) novels are not only wildly popular with adults and young people alike, they’re also written for young readers, meaning they may fit your teaching goals and grade level. Now’s a great time to crack the spine on some of the books your students might already be reading.

In this piece from EdSurge on teacher rejuvenation, author Kimberley Rues recommends a number of books, including the award-winning novels of N.K. Jemison. 

Over on the Teaching Channel blog, you can read about how YA books can help teachers explore the crucial social-emotional skill of empathy. 

Edutopia even shares a collection of YA books that can help students process the difficulties of the pandemic.

Something Just for You

Of course, sometimes reading is just for fun. Luckily for those still searching for their next page-turning enjoyment, there are plenty of suggestions out there.

  • Well-known publisher Scholastic shares their “Ultimate Summer Reading List for Teachers.”
  • Edutopia has also compiled a general list of the best reads for teachers this year.
  • This list, from the Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM, includes novels, thought-provoking reads, and professional learning picks.
  • The edmentum blog describes a number of useful teaching-related reads here

Reading to Learn

If you’re planning to do some productive, free professional learning-related reading, don’t fret. Check out TCEA’s free ebooks for educators, including Digital Icebreakers That Shatter and Ready, Set, Make! They’re packed with information and tips, but they’re also brief, so you can get back to that crime thriller collecting dust on your nightstand.

What will you be reading this summer? Sound off and share your favorites in the comments!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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