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Snip Your Way to Better Learning

by Lori Gracey

Snip is a new, free tool from Microsoft that lets you do a better job with show and tell. With just three steps to complete, the tool is great for flipped classrooms, explaining ideas, or having students share their learning.

Once you’ve downloaded the program, you click and drag to capture any window or area of your screen. This can be a website that you’re sharing, a portion of a video that you want to explain more fully, or a new tool you want students to begin using. Next, narrate your comments and draw on your snip with the provided digital ink. Annotate what’s important or what they might miss otherwise. Finally, share what you’ve created. You can paste your snip, send it as a URL, or save it as an MP4 video.

This is a wonderful program because it is so very simple to use. Kindergarteners can use it to show off their products and college professors can use it to explain complicated concepts to their students. It’s fast yet powerful. Try it out yourself and see how it can improve learning in your classroom.

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