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Seven Great Podcasts for Educators

by Andrew Roush

Sometimes professional learning comes from events, courses, and other organized programs. Other times, we can learn casually, perhaps even passively, with podcasts while commuting, relaxing on the beach, or whatever you’re up to this summer.

Podcasts are like little bursts of learning directly to your ears — that is, if you find the right ones. For those of you looking for powerful educational podcasts this summer, we have a few suggestions that can help you absorb useful information, no matter what else you’re getting up to.

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Hosted by 2021 TCEA Convention & Exposition speaker Jennifer Gonzalez, this podcast focuses on ed tech (of course!), but also explores education policy, teaching strategies, and classroom management over a wide range of interesting interviews.

The House of Ed Tech Podcast

Chris Nesi’s podcast often includes live video streams, highlights from conferences and events around the country, plenty of guests, and naturally, the latest in educational technology.

The Shake Up Learning Show

This show is hosted by popular digital learning coach and speaker Kasey Bell, who you may also remember from the TCEA Convention & Exposition. She covers everything from coaching to tech tips each week.

The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

Former teacher and current professor John Spencer shines a light on new ideas, especially those meant to bring creativity, passion, and wonder into the classroom. Check this one out for your dose of big ideas and inspiration.

C3: Connecting, Coaches, Cognition

Violet Christensen and Courtney Groskin, who have previously joined us on our own TCEA podcast, host C3: Connecting, Coaches, Cognition. It’s a podcast designed to give quick bites of advice for instructional coaches, with many thoughtful guests and plenty of ideas for everyone in education.

Google Teacher Podcast

Also hosted by Kasey Bell and her co-host Matt Miller, this podcast is your key to unlock all the abilities, changes, and tools that the ever-present Google has to offer. If you use Google products regularly, you’ll want to keep up with the Google Teacher Podcast.

TCEA’s Ed Tech Club

Of course, no list could be complete without our very own offering, the Ed Tech Club, where we talk about everything from SEL to timely tips, share insights for TCEA events, and more. Our summer hiatus is a great time for you to catch up on our back catalog of more than 90 episodes.

What educational podcasts do you listen to? Share them in the comments!

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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