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Our Top 20 Ed Tech Blogs of 2022

by Sara Qualls

The door has closed on 2022, but before we fully embrace 2023, let’s recognize what the team at TCEA has accomplished this year. Along with all of the amazing new learning opportunities they created, they were busy pumping out useful resources, tools, and ideas that you could bring right into your classroom through TechNotes blogs. Here are the top 20 blog posts that mattered the most to you in 2022. Let the countdown begin!

20. 10 Amazing Features of Canva for Education
Canva has so much to offer educators! Take a peek at some top benefits of using Canva for Education and get started with your free account.

19. Activities for the End of the School Year
You and your students have accomplished a lot this year! Explore ways to celebrate the end of the school year with reflection and meaning.

18. Winter Olympics Activities Students Will Love
It’s almost time for the Winter Games! From digital breakouts to word clouds, your students will love these Olympic-themed activities.

17. Why It May Be Time to Dump Bloom’s Taxonomy
After more than 60 years, it may be time to stop using Bloom’s Taxonomy as the best instructional strategy. Learn why in this blog.

16. Download Free LEGO Maker Cards for Inspiration and Creation
Download some free LEGO Maker Cards and inspire students to create in your classroom, on a LEGO table, or on your school’s LEGO wall.

15. Templates for End of Year Student Awards
Check out these resources for fun and festive end-of-year student awards. Because who wouldn’t want to get a Proton Award for being positive?

14. Shape Word Clouds Made Easy
Creating shape word clouds is not only fun, but also a great culminating activity. Check out these four free digital tools.

13. Ready-to-Use Thanksgiving Activities
These ready-to-use Thanksgiving activities will have you and your students celebrating, practicing gratitude, and having fun!

12. The K-5 ELAR TEKS and Free, Editable Spreadsheets
Snag some free, editable spreadsheets with standards and “I Can” statements for the K-5 ELAR TEKS and save yourself a lot of time.

11. Five Jamboard Bellringers to Start the School Day
Here are five Jamboard bellringers you can use to get your students ready for the school day. Click the link, make a copy, and they’re yours!

10. 11 Free Math Sites and Games
Looking for independent practice or websites for independent math stations? Here are 11 math sites and games for you to explore!

9. Choice Boards for Active Learning in Math
Choice boards are a powerful tool to use in any subject, and that includes math. Here are some examples for all grade levels.

8. Easily Share Websites with Chrome’s QR Code Generator
Looking to share webpages in Chrome more easily? Learn how to create a QR code with Chrome’s built-in QR generator.

7. School Library Month: Make Your Librarian Feel Valued This April
Here are some ideas for acknowledging school librarians and showing appreciation for their important work during School Library Month.

6. Master Algebra with the Interactive Graspable Math
Learn about a new tool that makes algebra interactive and easier to master. The tool? Graspable Math, available for free to teachers.

5. 68 Free QR Code Read Aloud Cards
Thanks to Storyline Online, you can bring Chris Pine, Betty White, James Earl Jones, and more, to read aloud in your classroom for free!

4. Reading Language Arts STAAR Test Resources
Looking for information on the RLA STAAR test? Learn about the highlighter tool and test questions, and get some writing strategy templates!

3. Meet ALDO: Amazing Lesson Design Outline
ALDO, the Amazing Lesson Design Outline, provides educators with a way to ensure that each lesson is engaging and carefully thought out.

2. Dicebreakers and Activity Debriefing Templates
Explore how to engage students in self-judgement and reflection using dice debriefing activities and dicebreakers. Get some templates, too!

1. Engage Your Students by Creating Your Own Fun Wordle Game
If you’ve caught the Wordle word-game craze, then you’ll love these ideas for using it in the classroom and make your own word puzzles.

2022 may be over, but 2023 has just begun! TCEA’s team has already started producing quality TechNotes blogs for the new year, and stay tuned for all the Lunch and Learns, events, and more that will be offered this year!

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