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Present at the Conference for Educational Coaches

by Diana Benner

As an instructional coach, you do great things with your staff. You’ve got experience, knowledge, ideas, strategies– and resources for days. Why not share them by submitting a proposal to present?

What is the Conference for Educational Coaches (CEC)?

The Conference for Educational Coaches (CEC) was formally known as the Campus Technology Specialist Academy (CTSA). It will convene instructional and technology coaches in partnership with IDEA (Illinois Digital Educators Alliance) to answer the question “What are the most effective ways to promote positive change in teaching and learning?”

The conference will be held on October 12-13, 2022. It will be a hybrid event, meaning it will have both face-to-face and online components. The face-to-face conference will take place at TCEA Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

CEC Call for Presenters

Topics to Choose From

On the Call for Proposal form, you will select your main topic. These categories broadly define your session. You’ll want to select the one that is the closest match to your session.

  • Effective Coaching: Sessions on this topic should be focused on coaching. For example, best practices in coaching, how to be an effective coach, etc. 
  • Leadership Skills: Coaching requires leadership skills. If your session will be covering leadership qualities that every coach needs, select leadership skills as your topic.  
  • Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Design: Sessions on this topic should be focused on instructional strategies, curriculum design, content knowledge, and/or pedagogy.
  • Training and Facilitation Skills: Sessions on this topic should be focused on professional development methods, integrating technology, and/or social-emotional learning and resiliency. 

Session Formats to Choose From

You will also select your session format on the Call for Proposals form. Since the conference will be hybrid, you will choose from these session formats:

  • Live: Select this if you want to present to a live audience at TCEA. You will be expected to provide 60 minutes of content.
  • On-Demand: If you would like to pre-record your session for attendees to watch on-demand, select this option. You will be expected to provide 30-60 minutes of content in advance of the conference.
  • Blended: Select this if you want to present to a live audience and an online audience at the same time. You will be expected to provide 60 minutes of content.
  • Any format will work: If any of the formats will work for you, select this option.

Presenters who are selected for two or more sessions will receive complimentary registration. All other presenters and co-presenters are expected to register and pay to attend.

Need ideas for writing session titles and descriptions for your Call for Presenters submission? Check out this article for some tips!

Submit Today

Submit your proposal to be a presenter today! The deadline for submissions is the end of the day July 24, 2022. Don’t miss out on a chance to support your peers in the field with an amazing presentation, tools, and resources.

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