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Weave Together Perfect Professional Development

by Kristy Breaux
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TCEA is more than just an event, it’s a community. That’s why our annual TCEA Convention & Exposition is designed to create a professional development experience that meets the needs of a variety of dedicated educators, all sharing a vision for the future.

Every educator, from administrators to classroom teachers, faces a diverse array of challenges, and each deploys their own knowledge and skills in different ways. Put simply, no two teachers are alike. So when we planned our 2020 TCEA Convention & Exposition, we worked to ensure that a variety of different specialities and topics in education were addressed. We call these strands.

It’s our hope that over the five days of world-class presentations and conversations, you find resources from all the strands that touch on your work and professional learning. Here’s how you can weave together these strands to reflect your personal approach to education.

Step 1: Make Sure You’re Registered

You can’t jump into all that content if you’re not registered. Choose the badge type that’s right for you or your group and submit your registration here. Don’t forget, registration comes with a one-year membership or renewal in TCEA, so you can be a part of a vibrant education community year-round and continue the learning.

And remember: Registration prices will increase on January 10, so don’t delay!

Step 2: Explore the Strands

With over 1,000 expert-led presentations, it can be hard to narrow down the sessions that meet your requirements, interests, and needs. So check out the strands below, and find the ones that fit you for a customized convention experience.

  • Application Immersion: Deep dives into the use of a software or application so you can use the apps that increase learning with ease and confidence.
  • Leadership and CTO: Sessions designed to help decision makers find the best products, services, and purchasing practices, along with big-picture ideas for training and coaching, as well as district and campus visioning and leadership.
  • Library Media: Discover the latest and best in multimedia learning, including ways to engage students in the learning process, conduct research, and become responsible consumers of information and good digital citizens.
  • Online and Blended Learning: Insights to help you flip your classroom or augment your in-class work with the most effective virtual classroom technologies. Find the tech that helps keep learning going beyond the classroom.
  • Pedagogy and Instructional Design: Boost creativity and productivity, explore open educational resources, and find the tools and techniques for lesson planning, technology integration, and more.
  • Professional Development: Find new, effective ways to connect with peers, staff, and colleagues through technology, from strategies and models for making connections to the smartest means for measuring outcomes.
  • Special Populations: Best practices, new technologies, and proven strategies for supporting learning with ELL and bilingual students, GT and gifted students, and students with special needs.
  • Technology Applications and CTE Courses: Create computational thinking in the classroom and pick up the newest and most useful strategies and tools for teaching coding and CTE, as well integrating STEM/STEAM into teaching and learning.
  • Technology Support and IT: Upgrade the ways you keep faculty, staff, students, and parents safe online. Find the latest trends, tech, and techniques for securing network infrastructure, managing hardware and software, and providing technical support.

Step 3: Find Your Professional Development Sessions

Now that you’re excited, jump into the sessions that fit you. You can find all the sessions for TCEA 2020 online. Even better, you can search by strand or keyword and explore everything the convention has to offer.

It’s that easy! Although, if there were a step four, it would be: Start planning now — February will come sooner than you think. So get ready! We’re excited to see you there.

unsplash-logoPhoto: Sergio Gonzalez

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