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A New You for the New Year: Tools to Help You Achieve Your Goals

by Dr. Bruce Ellis

Whether you call them resolutions or goals, many folks will be making them for the new year. While some are abandoned within a few weeks (or days), hopefully the main ones will be realized and accomplished so that 2020 will be a much more productive year. Here are a few tools that you might find helpful as you make (and tweak) your goals for the new year.

Fitness Tools

  • Fitocracy (iOS/Android) – Use this app to manage and track your workouts as well as meet with trainers and other Fitocracy community members to help you stay motivated.
  • 7 Minute Workout (iOS/Android) – If you are pressed for time but serious about wanting a good workout, then this may be the app for you. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in just seven minutes!
  • Zombies, Run! (iOS/Android) – If you are a runner (or a runner wannabe) and into the zombie craze, consider using this app to help liven up your time. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero and at the center of your very own zombie adventure story!

Time Management Tools

  • 135List (Online) – Prioritizing tasks has never been easier than with the 1-3-5 rule. Each day you identify one big task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks to focus on. You can access your list within your device’s browser or, if using Google Chrome, install the 135List Chrome extension.
  • Trello (Online/iOS/Android) – If you find that you have multiple lists that you are tracking, or want to better organize your to-do lists, this app is a perfect fit for you. You can also share to dos with others.

Goal-Setting Tools

  • GoalsOnTrack (Online/iOS/Android) – This app helps you track goals and habits for a better you. Use the journal feature to record information as you go along. After you try the free 30-day trial, you might find that the $5 per month fee is nominal for the help of getting new goals established and underway.
  • Strides (Online/iOS) – More than just a habit tracker, Strides touts itself as a smart goal tracker with reminders and several charts to help you keep track of your success.

Personal Improvement Tools

Depending on what you want to improve, there is most likely an app specifically for that. In general, though, consider tuning in to podcasts for live and relevant information from experts. Hearing a real person talk about the same issues you are experiencing can be very empowering. And many podcasts offer forums on their respective hosts’ websites for interaction with other listeners. Here are a few of the top tools for finding and listening to podcasts to consider:

  • Stitcher Radio for Podcasts (iOS/Android)
  • Podcast and Radio Addict (Android)
  • Overcast: Podcast Player (iOS)
  • Downcast (iOS)

What Tools Will You Use?

What tools will you use during this new year to help you accomplish your goals? Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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