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Microsoft Education’s New Training Resources

by Microsoft Education Team
Microsoft Education
Microsoft device in the classroom

Educators and staff have proven their resiliency and capability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape over the past year. From navigating remote and hybrid classroom settings and adopting new technologies, their flexibility has enabled students to learn in any environment. To help with the continuous transformation of schools, Microsoft is excited to empower educators and staff with new training resources.

Now more than ever, institutions have an opportunity to innovate and redefine traditional classrooms for their students. Providing new resources and training enables educators to enrich their teaching experience regardless of how the year evolves.

Microsoft device in the classroom

Microsoft Education is happy to provide numerous opportunities for free training like Microsoft Education Center (MEC), a self-paced learning resource for educators. Or, if educators and staff prefer to learn from professional development specialists who can customize training to their needs, check out our Global Training Partner finder experience to connect with the right company in your area. As we are more and more dependent on various devices in both hybrid and remote classrooms settings, we help educators and staff leverage technology effectively by taking advantage of our device and training offer

The proper training enables teachers to create innovative classrooms that continuously improve learning outcomes for students. Learn more about the resources that will provide confidence to educators and staff looking to improve learning outcomes this season and beyond.

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