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Breaking Free with Live Video Streaming

by Lori Gracey

This is a guest blog post by Lisa Monthie written while attending the TCEA 2016 Convention. Lisa is a Professional Development Specialist at Waco ISD.

Video streaming can be a bit intimidating. From choosing the correct app/platform to finding meaningful ways to connect the learning to the tech, video streaming can seem daunting. Concerns arise about the dangers involving live video streaming. Who exactly is watching this broadcast? How can educators safely connect our students globally while keeping them safe? Furthermore, how do I begin video streaming?

First, explore the many options for video streaming. Different platforms offer different protections and features. Periscope, for example, allows the user to block inappropriate tweets. Google Hangouts limits your audience and Appear.in allows you to mute any participant.

Start small…use a trusted source, such as friend in another city or state and participate in a Mystery Hangout. Try a private broadcast using Periscope or a Google Hangout with a friend. Find and view a Blab over a specific “tag” or subject. Use Google+ or Microsoft Educator Community to begin expanding your classroom walls. Have your classes virtually play Rock, Paper, Scissors (or versions of RPS in other languages) or present class projects (or Makerspaces) to a global audience. Try Google Hangouts on Air, and broaden your audience even more. Allow students to see the chat occurring during the Hangout, and allow those chatting to participate in the fun by asking questions/posting replies.

Introduce the tool by modeling it yourself. Harness the help of a parent to try out the tools. Broadcast the students in your classroom to parents, administrators, and other community members. Then, allow the students to try the tools.

Lastly, have fun learning the tools. Print off task cards and challenge students (and/or faculty) to complete the assigned tasks in groups.

You can access Lisa’s handout on live video streaming here.

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