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Check Yes or No: Add Polls to Google Classroom

by Diana Benner
Google Classroom

When I taught high school Spanish, I used exit tickets all the time. An exit ticket can be a great way to set up the next day’s learning. Before students left my class, they would answer a quick poll about the day’s lesson and what they had taken away from it.

In the past, these exit tickets could be cumbersome and difficult to check, even when I took advantage of technologies like Google Forms. Google Classroom makes that process of multiple choice form creation a lot easier, and, if you haven’t heard the news, you can now create polls in Google Classroom. Teachers can choose to create a multiple choice or short answer poll to distribute to the class. They will be notified and can quickly see the answers to the poll.

For example, consider this example from Google’s blog, illustrating the new feature:

“Cindy Nordstrom, a teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary School in Minnesota, uses polling to make sure students understand the main points of a lesson. She explains, “We were studying poetry and talking about novels in verse. Since this was the first time that most students had encountered the format, I wanted to see if they knew what novels in verse were. I created this poll as an exit slip for the class. I could click on students’ answers and see their names associated with their response. This helped me get an at-a-glance view of who understood the concept and who didn’t.” Source: Google for Education

Getting an at-a-glance view is powerful for teachers, especially secondary teachers working with 120+ students, because it provides a quick, easy measure of student learning.

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