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Today Is Giving Tuesday

by Diana Benner

Giving Tuesday is a day for people across the country to think about others and help those they don’t know. This year, Giving Tuesday falls on November 29, 2022 – that’s today!  It started 10 years ago and has raised billions of dollars for many organizations. While a lot of people give money on Giving Tuesday, there are other ways to help. Let’s explore a few examples.

Give Time by Volunteering

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Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community while also making a difference. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills while doing something good. Volunteering also can provide many rewards. For example, it reduces stress – focusing on someone other than yourself can help relieve tension you might be feeling.

If you don’t know where to start, try searching for volunteer opportunities near you on VolunteerMatch. Whether it’s helping at an animal shelter or visiting nursing homes, there are many opportunities to help out in your community.

Donate Items and Goods

There are so many ways you can donate on Giving Tuesday. A good place to start is donating canned goods to your local food bank. You can even call around to organizations you’re interested in helping in order to see what they need. Find food banks near you on Feeding America.

You can also go through your closet and donate clothes you no longer wear or donate items to the local animal shelters. Animal shelters are always in need of food, bowls, toys, and blankets for the animals. Women’s and children’s shelters are always in need of items like toiletries and clothing. In addition, you can even donate blood as there is always a shortage of blood.

Give Kindness

Giving Tuesday is the perfect day for an act of kindness. Acts of kindness can include paying for the person next in line’s coffee, giving a compliment, or just saying “thank you” to the people you appreciate. You could offer to help an elderly neighbor or leave a kind note for them. A simple act of kindness lets someone know they are cared for. For more ideas on how you can spread kindness, check out this blog post.

Remember, good deeds don’t have to cost money. Let us know how you are giving on Giving Tuesday by commenting below.

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