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Brainstorming and Voting: Getting Staff Input Easily

by Lori Gracey
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A campus or district administrator has a lot on his plate these days, including getting faculty opinions and buy-in on both small and large initiatives. What he doesn’t have is time to solicit that buy-in.

Now there’s a free tool that can help. Tricider offers fast and easy brainstorming and voting so that people can collaboratively make decisions. Unlike common survey tools which require set responses, it allows participants to add their own ideas, arguments, and discussion to a Tricider question. When the deadline for discussion and brainstorming is up, participants are asked to vote on the ideas presented. With its simple ask a question, brainstorm and discuss, and then vote process, this is one tool you’ll use over and over again.

The author of the question can invite participants via a shared link, email, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. And there are lots of ways to customize the discussion, from having new or better ideas emerge to the top to including pictures and links. No registration or log in is required, which makes Tricider very easy for everyone to use. But if you do register, then you are given a plethora of additional features, all included free.

To see how it works, I’ve posted a sample question below. Just click on the Add New Idea button and put in your answer. You can then add an argument, if you wish, or vote for one of the other choices. Please try it out.

I can see Tricider being used with students, particularly for small group work. You could even use it for entire classes or grade levels to discuss and vote on favorite books, prom king and queen, cafeteria rules, etc. And if your family is trying to decide on a vacation location or a gift to give Grandma from all of you, it will do the trick. You can set the poll to be private or share it with the whole world, which opens even more opportunities for collaboration. It’s just such a great, quick tool and I hope you’ll give it a try!

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