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TCEA Podcast #2: ePortfolios with Yvonne Clark

by Miguel Guhlin
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Listen to Yvonne Clark, Henderson ISD

Today, we’ll hear about how one teacher, Yvonne Clark (@yclarkhhs) from Henderson ISD, is using Google Sites as a way to house ePortfolios.

Yvonne was kind enough to write a few words, as well as record a podcast about her experience:

Hi there, my name is Yvonne Clark and I am from Henderson ISD, Henderson, TX in the Tyler/Longview area; we are about 20 miles south of I-20. I am in my first year as the campus technology specialist where I assist both teachers and students with technology needs. I previously taught technology classes and that is where I began using Google Sites for student portfolios. Find me on Twitter @yclarkhhs or on my website.

Last year, I had several seniors that were talking about all of the forms they had to fill out for college: scholarship applications, college entrance applications, and summer job applications. My original thought was to have students make e-portfolios that they could send out with their applications. I wondered how I could make the process easier for students. I googled “portfolios” and found some ideas that I wanted to tweak and made my assignment.

Student Portfolio Assignment page

Grade sheet

And, in regards to using Google Sites for eportfolios, here is what Yvonne had to say:

A Google site was the best option for me to use as a portfolio platform because we are a GAFE school and it was free. We had practiced creating websites with Google Sites using the different page options in a previous assignment. I then had students follow the portfolio assignment page. I wanted to have my students update their portfolio throughout their high school career. Plus, I had my students add their personal Gmail account as an owner to the site so that their work did not disappear after graduation. Students can then provide a link to their portfolio on applications to future colleges and/or businesses.

What I Would Change:

  • Use Google Drawing to help personalize pages more.
  • Have all high schools students start as ninth graders collecting information.

These are sample sites that you should be able to access:


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Show Notes

Weaving a Digital Tale About Yourself

Creating a digital story that reflects your voice is important. You can do this with these apps quite quickly.

Digitizing Content

Need to quickly scan paper documents into digital? These apps make doing so incredibly easy, either saving directly to Google Drive (Scanner Pro) or to your camera roll or OneNote.

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