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Ed Tech News Roundup: 5G, Accessibility, and Profitability

by Andrew Roush
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Howdy, folks! Welcome to another in a series of periodic ed tech news roundups. We hope you enjoy this one, and if you have a story you’d like to see included, let us know.

The Next Generation

Wireless providers have been rolling out 5G networks for a few years. This fifth generation of wireless transmission is poised to bring more devices into the world of cellular communication, and with faster speeds. What will that mean for education? A lot.

  • The new cellular technology will expand access to educations, as well as create more immersive learning experiences, according to former teacher and writer Larry Bernstein. [EdTech]
  • Meanwhile, the rollout of 5G networks requires the installation of new cellular towers, a move that has seen pushback around schools and in residential areas across the country, notably in Chicago, South Carolina, and Los Angeles. [CBS Chicago, Post and Courier, Los Angeles Times]

Access Granted

Accessibility is one of the most vital and powerful uses of ed tech. As technology advances, new ways of making learning available to all students are growing along with it.

  • In their look ahead to 2020 trends, EdTech sees continued creativity and utility in tech for accessibility. [EdTech]
  • Among all the spaces being opened by technology, the gaming industry is making a major push to create games that are designed around special-needs learners. [EdWeek Market Brief]

Market Forces

Educational technology has not only become a day-to-day part of life in education, it’s become a big business. Here’s how the ed tech market is growing into a new decade.

  • U.S. ed tech firms closed out the previous decade with a whopping $1.7 billion raised in funding in 2019. [EdSurge]
  • A review of ed tech trends suggests continued growth in the market in the coming years — including the minting of more billionaires in the industry. [Forbes]

…And Finally

Trading Valentines in class is a time-honored tradition, and most people can remember collecting cards from classmates in little construction-paper boxes. A small Illinois museum is currently recreating a 1950’s Valentine’s Day celebration, letting visitors step back into a vintage classroom party.

unsplash-logoPhoto: James Wainscoat

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