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What We Learned at the TCEA 2020 Convention & Exposition

by Lori Gracey
TCEA 2020

Austin was the learning capital of the world last week as TCEA 2020 and its attendees moved into the convention center. If you couldn’t be there, here are some of the hot topics and amazing resources that were shared.


Sound Pedagogy + Technology = Accelerated Learning

Apps and Tools Can Add Excitement

More Educators Are Interested in Esports

Other Big Topics at TCEA 2020

If you want to see all of the Tweets from the convention, check out this Wakelet from Deborah Zeman. And finally, if you want to see even more of what was shared at the 2020 convention, be sure to download the TCEA app. Many presenters attached their handouts to their sessions in the app and you have full access to them.

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