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Develop Yourself This Summer with TCEA

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“Summer break is finally here … THANK GOODNESS!”

– Every educator, everywhere

So now that you have a little free time, I’m sure you are looking for ways to fill it, right? (Because we know most of you simply refuse to rest … or maybe you’re unable to? The jury is still out.)

Summer Plans

When I recently asked TCEA members in the TCEA Community what their summer plans were, I received responses ranging from eight-day silent meditation retreats (jealous!) to rewriting eighth grade social studies curriculum (not so jealous) and everything in between. (As a side note, if you haven’t responded yet, please do so as I would love to hear what our members are up to this summer, whether personally or professionally.) I also noticed that almost every single TCEA member who responded to my question mentioned something about participating in lots of professional development.

Well, TCEA can help with that.

Live TCEA Professional Development

As your go-to professional association for all things education and educational technology, we strive to keep the learning opportunities going throughout the summer months because we realize that this is when most educators have the chance to take the time to further develop themselves as professionals and people.

Check out the TCEA blog or the below TCEA events and webinars to find resources and learning opportunities that appeal to you:

Anytime, Anywhere Professional Learning

If you’re in the mood to learn while lounging around the pool, or with your feet propped up on the couch, be sure to check out the many recorded webinars available to you as a TCEA member. You can find all of these, more than 80 of them that count for CPE credit, in the TCEA Members group in the Community. Once there, click on Files across the top. Each webinar is listed on a separate Word document with its title, description, and the date of its original airing. You can browse through them or use the Search feature to find webinars on topics of interest, like Google, ESL, or coding. Hover over the title of any document and you’ll be able to see the whole title, who else has downloaded it, and download it yourself.

professional development

We all know summer break will be over in a snap. So keep your learning going before to ensure you feel confident walking into a new school year with the knowledge you need to create real, lasting learning outcomes for your students, your staff, and most importantly, yourself.

As always, if you would like more personalized resources, simply reach out to me directly at cmckee@tcea.org and I will be happy to help tailor your membership experience to ensure you receive the best resources TCEA has to offer.

Enjoy your summer break (please do try to actually get some rest!) and remember that with TCEA, you’ve got this.

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