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Celebrate Global Collaboration Day on September 17

by Peggy Reimers

Global Collaboration Day is scheduled for September 17, 2015. On this day, experienced global educators and professionals will host connective projects and events and invite public participation. The primary goals of this whole day event are to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world, and to introduce others to the tools, resources and projects that are available to educators today.

There are three different ways you can participate:

  1. Host an Event – Educators and organizations are encouraged to host one event on September 17th to demonstrate  the value of global collaboration.
  2. Attend a Virtual Event – People interested in joining  in Global Collaboration Events can browsing our online listing of activities. Once hosts book an event, details go into a calendar.
  3. Share with Others – Use the hashtag #globaled15 to share your thoughts, ideas, and resources on Twitter. Post pictures of events to Instagram as well.

Links to help you get started:

Region 13 ESC will hold drop-in informational sessions in their Blackboard Collaborate virtual room on Tuesday, September 8 at 7:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. Central (UTC-5). (Visit timeanddate.com to convert times into your time zone. )To attend these sessions, go to their virtual room on the aforementioned dates or times. Please attend if you have an idea and want feedback, to pitch your event to others, or to ask any questions. These events will be recorded if you cannot make it!





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