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Take Your Career to the Next Level with Our Certification Program

by Dr. Bruce Ellis
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Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to take you to the next level in your career. Times are changing and it’s easy to get busy and overlook updating your own skills. You need to keep yourself as current and marketable as possible. TCEA offers five programs that are designed to meet specific needs:

  • 21st Century Administrator Certification – This program is designed for those individuals who are already in a campus leadership role or want to move in that direction. You’ll focus on building campus leadership skills and learn how to model technology to other staff members, as well as understanding educational technology trends and their impact on student achievement.
  • Campus Technology Specialist Certification – Designed for those who work with other educators to help them integrate technology effectively, this program focuses on helping you understand the tools and processes to better engage students and increase relevant technology utilization in the classroom.
  • IT/Technology Director Certification – Participants in this program will cover topics to help them become an effective district leader and support administrators, teachers, and students in the use of technology. Master complex decision-making skills and best practices that will help you in your day-to-day work.
  • Chromebook Certification (Level 1) – This certification is designed for classroom teachers who have a Chromebook, as well as those who work with students using Chromebooks. It builds a solid foundation of how to get the most from the device to impact and enhance instruction. Participants in this program will dig deeper in their utilization of Google Apps for Education tools.
  • iPad Certification (Level 1) – Build a solid foundation for integrating the iPad in your classroom by participating in this certification. You’ll learn how to support diverse groups of students with various iOS features, as well as receive specific tutorials on apps that you can use in your classroom to support student learning in your content area.

Our role-based certifications include live webinars and online coursework. As you go through these courses, you’ll build a portfolio to document your professional learning and implementation of the information shared and skills mastered. Then, as a capstone, you will develop a final project that aligns with your coursework. Though these three certifications officially begin in September each year, many participants jump in at other times during the cycle and start the certification process with ease.

Our Chromebook and iPad certifications are device-based and designed for the busy educator. These two certifications are completely online and self-paced with regularly-scheduled live webinars available for support, help, and advice. Huge discounts are available to campuses and districts for multiple participants; contact Bruce Ellis for details and discount levels.

Find more information and details about each of these certifications by visiting this website or by contacting Bruce Ellis by email or calling 512-450-5396.

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