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Boddle Learning: A Free Gamified K-6 Math Tool for Summer

by Gabrielle Carpenter

Are you looking for a fun yet beneficial educational tool for students to use over the summer? Boddle Learning is an online math platform specializing in adaptive math practice through engaging gameplay.

One way Boddle helps is through its adaptive learning program that identifies student learning gaps and begins bridging those gaps. However, aside from being a great educational tool, it’s also fun and engaging. As students work through problems, they get to play mini-games, earn coins, and collect rewards, all while building their math skills. 

Boddle character with laptop

Why Use Boddle over the Summer

Summer learning loss is a normal occurrence, and it can make the transition back to school more difficult for both students and teachers. However, Boddle can help reduce summer learning loss and improve student re-engagement.

Teachers and parents/guardians can either assign content for their students to practice or allow Boddle’s AI system to take the reins. Students will continue learning during the summer months, keeping their growing minds fed. Teachers and parents have access to a live-data feed on their dashboard, which clearly details student learning gaps, allowing them to help guide the student through the gaps towards success.

Boddle Teacher Ambassador, Carley English, uses Boddle regularly in her classroom and encourages her students to continue the fun at home. “Boddle has been such an incredible tool used to enhance instruction in the classroom, and I know kids would love to have something engaging to play at home over the summer. I had a student say, ‘Ms. English, I know you are going to say no, but can I play Boddle at home over the weekend?’ I laughed and said, ‘Absolutely! I would love for you to!’”

Check out this video that gives a quick look at Boddle!

It’s Fun for Students, Too!

Boddle values providing fun and engaging learning for all students. The gamified education approach has been shown to improve learning and retention, and Boddle has taken that to heart—learning can and should be fun. But, just because the learning is fun doesn’t mean it’s not rigorous. 

Ms. English enjoys the combination of engaging gameplay and math practice: “For students who are used to just playing mindless video games at home, this is a great way to spice up their level of engagement. The games they play are exciting, fun to watch, and gives you a sense of peace knowing they are learning while they play.”

Both the math content and the game side provide students with fun challenges that enrich their minds and test their skills. What’s better, they don’t have to do it alone. Through the “Buddy List,” students can keep in touch with their classmates and practice skills together.

Boddle character with iPad

How and Where to Use Boddle

Boddle is completely free for all users. All you need to do is go to the Boddle site and create an account. Boddle is aligned with Common Core standards and many other state standards, including but not limited to: Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, and many more.

Boddle is a great tool for families to use at home over the summer as well. “Parents can send and see student assignments, which creates a new way to help students with math at home,” Ms. English says. “There are plenty of instructional videos on the Boddle website […] plus technical support standing by to answer questions. As a teacher, I am excited to send home my login cards again in hopes of students continuing to work on their activities over the summer!”

If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-use math program to use over the summer and in school, check out Boddle Learning! Its adaptive learning program can help fight summer learning loss and provide students with a fun, enriching summer activity, making the transition back to school easier and re-engagement quicker.

Boddle is here to help make math fun for students. We can’t wait to have you be part of our growing community!

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